Product Review | Pacifica After Sun Body Spray

Product Review | Pacifica After Sun Body Spray in Coconut Vanilla ($11, Ulta)

Product Details (from Ulta's website): You are super hot. And so is your skin (after a long day in the sun, that is). The After Sun Body Spray Coconut Vanilla by Pacifica will make you happy as you cool down. Hydrating aloe with natural extracts come together in this all-over body mist. Try putting it in the fridge before you spray it on your body for an extra cooling effect.

Review:  The summer season had me out and about enjoying the beautiful weather and the sunshine but that also means sun protection and after-sun care is extremely necessary.  Back in the day, I was a stickler to the Clinique After-Sun Lotion.  It was a good product but it was time to change it up to something that requires minimal work in terms of application.  

Since I have tried and used a couple of Pacifica Beauty Facial Mists (and loved them), I browsed through their product selection and found this After-Sun Spray, which caught my attention quickly since I was looking for something that required minimal application such as a spray product versus a lotion.  The product does not come with a box.  It comes as it is with a sealed wrap on the top of the nozzle.  The spray is not as fine as I want it to be but it is not aggressive either.  It is easy to apply and the product sinks into the skin without feeling sticky or oily.  The Coconut Vanillas scent is not too over powering which is good since I am sensitive to scents.  I definitely recommend this product for the summertime.  It is also vegan and cruelty-free.