Product Review | Colourpop Cosmetics Hydrating Setting Mist

Product Review | Colourpop Cosmetics Hydrating Setting Mist ($12,

Product Details (from Colourpop's website): a micro-fine, refreshing setting mist that hydrates skin
micro-fine mist infused with hyaluronic acid.

Review:  It is rare that I try a new setting spray especially that I have found Skindinavia and Urban Decay as holy products.  However, when Colourpop released their "Pretty Fresh" line which markets for radiant and glowing skin I was intrigued.  When I heard that this setting spray as HA, I was all over it.  I love the blush pink box packaging.  It reminded me a little bit of KKW Beauty (I have not purchased anything from the brand).  The product is housed in a plastic bottle with a very fine spray nozzle (always a plus) and it contains 3.72 fl oz, a close amount to most 4oz setting sprays out on the market like Urban Decay.

When I purchased this product, I had no intentions of using it as a setting spray due to having HA as an ingredient.  My intent was to use it as a facial spray prior to makeup application.  I am a fan of its fresh scent as I am sensitive to any kind of fragrance.  The spray nozzle is one of the best out there especially that most affordable brands often miss this bar.  Every time I use this product, it leaves the skin moisturized and hydrated all day long.  I am sure it helps my makeup last longer although I cannot attest to its setting spray properties of makeup extension because since I do not use it as a setting spray, I still douse my face with either Skindinavia or Urban Decay after any makeup application.  If you are looking for an affordable facial spray that hydrates the skin throughout the day, I definitely recommend this product.  It is lightweight on the skin, non-greasy and does induce break outs.