Product Review | Colourpop Cosmetics Precision Blending Makeup Sponge

Product Review | Colourpop Cosmetics Precision Blending Makeup Sponge ($5,

Product Details (from Colourpop's website):  A petite, reusable blending sponge that effortlessly and precisely blends makeup into skin for flawless application.

Review:  The Beauty Blender is a holy grail product for me, however, I cannot help but try out new sponges here and there.  When Colourpop launched their "Pretty Fresh" line, they also came out with a precision blending sponge.  The packaging appealed to me as well as the price.  The box is similar to all of its "Pretty Fresh" line, a blush pink packaging with white typography.  The sponge, when dry is smaller than a Beauty Blender.  I expected that it would expand some more however, it did not really do that.  A damp Beauty Blender is larger than this sponge.  It is soft and bouncy, however, I am not a fan of its size.  The sponge has a pointed tip and also a flat angle for a variety of purposes.  If you are going to use this sponge for smaller areas of the face such as concealer application or possibly cleaning up your contour, then this is a great sponge.  I find that this is way too small to use for foundation application as it took quite a bit of time to blend the foundation on the face.  For that reason on its own, I am not a fan of the sponge.  I prefer the Juno Cloud sponge ten times better than this one and they are both $5.  If anything, the ELF Cosmetics blending sponge is another one that I would recommend instead of this product.