Product Review | Fourth Ray Beauty by Colourpop Watermelon Face Milk

Product Review | Fourth Ray Beauty by Colourpop Watermelon Face Milk ($14,

Product Details (from Colourpop's website): A refreshing drop of moisture to balance skin. Formulated with Watermelon Seed Oil, Bamboo Milk, Cucumber Water, and Aloe, this lightweight formula will replenish hydration for a healthier, softer complexion.

Review:  One of the craze that came out during the spring and summer was the watermelon ingredient on almost every skincare.  Colourpop Cosmetics has a brand under their umbrella called Fourth Ray Beauty which produces most their skincare line.  Afer picking up a few watermelon type of skincare products from various brands this past summer, I was excited to see that Colourpop now carries their own skincare line so this was one of the first face milk on my list.  I love watermelon, I love the scent and I love how most products I have used with it as an ingredient has made my skin radiant and hydrated so I expected the same from this face milk.

The box packaging is pink in color with water melon graphics with black and white typography.  It contains 1 fl oz of product which is housed in a bottle with a dropper  dispenser.  The dropper type dispenser has never been a favorite but this face milk is amazing.  It is not greasy and does not leave the skin greasy.  The light watermelon scent is refreshing and it is also easy to blend on the skin.  It leaves the skin supple and moisturized all throughout the day.  I wish it contained more product than its 1 oz contents but for its price, it will suffice.  I definitely recommend this product if you are looking for an alternative to some higher end skincare line such as Glow Recipe.  Bliss, a drugstore brand (can be found at Target and Ulta) is also comparable in quality and price.