Product Review | E.L.F. Luminous Putty Primer

Product Review | E.L.F. Luminous Putty Primer ($8, E.L.F. online store, Target and Ulta)

Product Details (from E.L.F.'s website):  Our best-selling primer goes luminous! This primer delivers a soft, radiant base for your makeup application. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen to help plump and hydrate the skin. The velvety texture glides effortlessly over the skin, smoothing over imperfections for a poreless effect and the ultimate grip on makeup. 

Review:  E.L.F.'s originally Poreless Putty Primer shocked the entire beauty community when it was named the best dupe to the Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer.  While during my early use of the primer, it did not sit well on my skin, a few months after somehow it worked beautifully and it has been ever since.  E.L.F. recently launched their Luminous and Matte Putty Primer and you know I was going to jump on the Luminous Primer since I am all about that life.   

The product comes in a black and banana yellow box packaging with white & black typography and a window cut out where you can see and touch the product while being inside the box.  The actual container is made of a clear acrylic plastic tub with a black screw cap, similar to the Poreless Putty Primer packaging.   It has a pale yellow shade but it applies clear on the skin with a very nice sheen, hence its name, Luminous.  The consistency is slightly thinner than the original formula.  This product is easy to apply and blend on the skin.  The primer sinks into the skin instead of sitting on the skin which makes a huge difference.  It has a nice luminosity after application while keeping the skin hydrated.  

After using this primer for the first time, I watched JuicyJas' review on YouTube and found her experience very interesting.  She mentioned that hers had some glitter specks that showed up after application and mine was the exact opposite.  I wonder if there were any duds in some of the primers.
What was your experience with this primer?  Would I recommend it?  Honestly, I really would.  For its price point is it a very good primer.  If you follow me on Instagram (@thelovelist1), I posted a GRWM: 99% Drugstore Everyday Makeup video.  I typically use the Luminous and the Putty Primers underneath the eye area.  The Luminous Primer keeps my under eye area hydrated and if I use a different primer all over my face, I use the Poreless Putty Primer underneath the eye area, the nose and any other areas I apply concealer for a smoother application and extra hydration since I have normal to dry skin, especially during the cooler seasons.