Product Review | J.Cat Beauty Pro-Cision Micro Slim Brow Pencil

Product Review | J.Cat Beauty Pro-Cision Micro Slim Brow Pencil in Brown ($5.99, J.Cat Beauty online store and Face Values)

Product Details (from J.Cat Beauty's website):  

- Pro-cision micro slim brow pencil creates natural, hair-like strokes that adds detail to your brows.
- Glides on softly with soft coating pigment.
- Make sure to use opposite end spoolie to prep & blend brow color for a final look!
- Perfect way to keep your eyebrows in check with micro slim, retractable pencil for precise detailed look.

Review:  I am on my last back-up of my favorite alternative to the ABH Brow Wiz.  Since it takes a while for BH Cosmetics to ship items and there isn't anything that I want on their website, I have been on the hunt for a similar brow product.  

The brow pencil comes in a black and brown box packaging with white typography.  The pencil has a spool one end and the actual brow product on the other.  I love the shade as it is more of a neutral brown versus a warm brown.  It does create natural hair-like strokes however, the formula is softer and much more creamy than I would like.  The ABH Brow Wiz and the BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Brow Pencil both have a stiffer or drier formula which does not slip and slide during application and makes for a long wearing brow product.  Would I recommend this product?  For its neutral brown tone, capacity to create hair-like strokes and price - yes.  For its formula - if I am being honest, no.  A soft and creamy formula for a brow product does not work for me.  It moves around the brow area which makes the product fade quicker.    Have you tried this brow pencil?  What are your thoughts?


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