Product Review | KKW x Mario 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette

Product Review | KKW x Mario 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette ($45, KKWBeauty.Com)

Product Details (from KKW Beauty's website):  Product description: The KKW x MARIO eyeshadow palette, formulated specifically for easy layering and blending. Matte shadows provide a creamy powdery finish in an array of universal neutrals to add depth and shade to any eye look. The buttery smooth metallic shadows can be used wet or dry, with brushes or fingers. They glide on effortlessly and provide a saturated pearlized color finish. This go-to palette provides versatility and dimension to your favorite makeup look.

Shade descriptions:

2008: Metallic icy silver
Decade: Matte peachy cream
Glam: Metallic rustic gold 
Albania: Matte brick red
Miami: Matte warm caramel brown 
Vegas: Metallic deep burgundy
Armenian: Metallic bright light gold
Libra: Metallic cobalt blue, 
Loyalty: Matte deep chocolate brown
Bronzy: Metallic coppery bronze with gold flecks

Review:  KKW Beauty is one of the brands I said I would try in 2020.  I started early by purchasing the KKW x Mario bundle for his 2018 and 2019 collaborations.  This palette was released in 2018 so it is definitely not a new one, but it is new to me.  The packaging comes in a gray box with the brands logo and Mario's name on the front.  The actual case of the palette is a sturdy cardboard with the same design as its box.  The palette comes with ten eyeshadow pans and a decent size mirror.  The reason I did not pick this up in 2018 was mainly because of the blue shade.  If you have been following my blog or my Instagram (@thelovelist1) for a while, you will know that neutrals are my jam.  Colorful shadows do not typically call my name, however, over the past year I have slowly gotten out of my comfort zone and started playing with more colors.  

The formula is smooth, creamy and they are easy to blend.  They are also long-wearing and versatile in terms of creating a day time or a night time eye look.  The color story of this palette is beautiful, it is nothing out of this world, but to me, it is appealing and practical.  Rumors say that KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics' products are from Colourpop's sister factory.  I have had eyeshadow palettes from Kylie Cosmetics and currently own many singles from Colourpop; in my opinion the quality of the shadows from KKW Beauty is slightly better than the two other brands mentioned.  So whether they all come from the same or sister factories, I have no idea but so far I like the formula of this palette.  If you are anything like me and still getting used to colorful shades, you can easily use the blue eyeshadow on the lower lash line to add a small pop of color.  

Would I recommend this palette?  If you own quite a few neutral palettes, I would say no.  Like I said, the color story is not earth shattering but if shades like these are what floats your boat and you have $45 to spend, I say go ahead and get it.