Product Review | Beakey Blender Beauty Sponges

Product Review | Beakey Blender Beauty Sponges - 5 Pack ($8.99,

Product Details (from  *Makeup sponges for all kinds of cosmetics, foundation, BB cream, powder, concealer, isolation, liquid, etc
*Made from non-latex material, soft feeling, well bouncy beauty sponge, easy to distinguish
*Beauty makeup blender sponge gives you a perfect makeup application, avoid the waste of cosmetics
*Wet and dry use, blending sponge turns bigger when wet, dab it evenly to form a gorgeous makeup
*Attention: BEAKEY-US trademark registration number 5280096. We recommend you scan the QR C0de on the packaging to gain the information about the product and brand. ONLY sold by BEAKEY SELLER.

Review:  If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I am a Beauty Blender girl at heart however, every now and then I try new sponges to find the best alternative sponge.  I typically use a Beauty Blender and I have another non-BB brand on stand by in case my Beauty Blender is dirty.  My friend Erika (@missglamerika) on Instagram has been raving about these sponges.  For a 5-pack at the price point of $8.99, it was not a hard buy.  Plus, being a Prime Member made it easy to get these sponges.

They come packaged in a clear zipped plastic bag containing five sponges with a variety of colors.  The sponges have the shape of the Beauty Blender except it is slightly rounder on the bottom and are quite dense when dry.  Upon touch on the dry sponges,  it is noticeable that some are dense and others are not as much.  If I am being honest, I was doubtful on how these would perform due to the varying density of each sponge.  However, once they are washed (I wash with soap and water prior to using), they become softer and bouncier.  These sponges are probably my favorite alternative to the Beauty Blender.  At one point I loved Ecotools and ELF sponges, but these definitely have replaced those brands.  There are a few differences between these sponges and the Beauty Blender aside from the price point.  One, these sponges expand way more than the Beauty Blender does.  Two, these start cracking after a week and a half or two weeks of use, while the Beauty Blender lasts me up to 4 weeks.  Keep in mind that I mostly use very light coverage complexion products and I typically do not use my damp sponge to dip into powders so there's not a lot of gunk that cakes inside my sponges.  As you can see, I am on my second bag of Beakey Blender and will definitely order more to stock up.  I definitely recommend this if you are looking for an alternative to the Beauty Blender.  Just keep in mind, in my experience, they do not last as long but for the price point it should not be a deal breaker.