Product Review | E.L.F. Cosmetics Jelly Pop Watermelon Cleanser

Product Review | E.L.F. Cosmetics Jelly Pop Watermelon Cleanser ($8, Ulta)

Product Details (from Ulta's website):  Say buh-bye to makeup, dirt, and oil from your face with e.l.f. Cosmetics gentle, watermelon-infused Jelly Pop Watermelon Cleanser. This gel cleanser can be used all over the face and eyes to melt away stubborn makeup and cleanse the skin, leaving your face clean, plump, and hydrated.

Review:  Ever since the watermelon craze started last spring, I have been all about it.  I am very particular about my skincare due my skin sensitivities so I do not usually change my skincare items that often.  I have been eyeing this Watermelon cleanser from the day it released.  I was actually surprised that it is still out on the market.  I had the impression that it was only a spring and summer promotion.  

This item was on sale at Ulta a few weeks so I took advantage of it and picked it up.  I have tried E.L.F. Cleansers before and I actually liked some of them.  This did not come in a box packaging but with a clear shrink wrap.  It is in a watermelon pink squeeze tube.  The squeeze tube easily dispenses the product.  The consistency of the cleanser is slightly cushiony, gel-like but not too much of a jelly texture (i.e. not in literal jelly texture such as a hair gel consistency).  The cleanser provides a nice lather but not overly excessive and foamy.  It feels smooth when massaged on the skin.  It does leave the skin soft, hydrated and does not strip off its natural radiance.  It does take off makeup however it might need a couple of washes when it comes to waterproof mascaras.  I typically use a cleansing balm or Bioderma as the first step to taking my makeup off so by the time I use the cleanser, most of the gunk and dirt are gone.  If you are going to use this as the first step to cleansing your face, I would recommend second wash or probably a different type of cleanser that can take off waterproof mascaras or any type of waterproof makeup.  Other than that, this is a good cleanser for its price.