Product Review | Colourpop Cosmetics Wild Nothing Eyeshadow Palette

Product Review | Colourpop Cosmetics Wild Nothing Eyeshadow Palette ($18,

Product Details (from Colourpop's website): In your wildest dreams, this vegan 12-pan palette has everything you need for the perfect natural look. Featuring the perfect matte, metallic, and Super Shock Shadows, in the perfect balance of warm and cool toned shades, this palette is ready to be your everyday go-to.

Review:  I love Colourpop Cosmetics and I am really impressed on how they make high quality products while keeping the cost low.  However, the past couple of year I have noticed that Colourpop releases quite a few products almost every month.  When that happened, I took a pause in buying from them.  It was way too much to keep up with.  When they launched their Pretty Fresh line and the Going Coconuts Collection, those were the last ones that I felt really compelled to purchase.  

When they advertised the Wild Nothing Collection, the eyeshadow palette really caught my eye.  While it wasn't an entirely a warm neutral palette that I tend to go for, the shades are beautiful and allows for quite a few natural looks with a splash of color, especially the shade "Seashells".  To be honest with you, the cover design was not my cup of tea due to its floral and cactus theme.  The palette has 12 eyeshadow pans and I was surprised that it does not come with a mirror.

The powders are smooth and creamy.  It does have a little kick back but nothing too terrible.  The shades blend nicely and also blends easy on top of other shadows.  They are pigmented and long-wearing.  The shade "Spirited" is not opaque (it has a texture of a Supershock shadow); it appears to be more of a topper but beautiful nonetheless.  There are enough shimmer/metallic and matte shades in this palette to create a variety of looks for the daytime or a night out.

While the shades in this palette lean on a natural look; they are not typically shades I already have so I am glad I ordered this palette.  I highly recommend this palette especially if you enjoy a natural look.  The price point is also very affordable.