Product Review | Lawless Beauty Woke Up Like This Flawless Finish Foundation

Product Review | Lawless Beauty Woke Up Like This Flawless Finish Foundation in Warmth ($46, Sephora and

Product Details (from Lawless Beauty website):  This SPF-free, silicone-free, non-comedogenic, and skin-nourishing formula offers medium to full coverage that won’t clog pores. It wears comfortably throughout the day with a lightweight feel that won’t fade or disappear. Antioxidant rich, skin balancing oils—including abyssinica and camellia oils, and hydrating shea butter—help support the skin’s moisture for a supple, youthful appearance. With this formula, you can achieve full coverage with a natural, skin-like finish that never looks cakey or dry. As this formula contains no suspenders or fillers, you may notice a slight marbling on the wall of your bottle. Because this is a high-pigment formula, as you shake and use your product, it may retain a pigmentation stain on the wall of the bottle. This will not affect the product inside or the way it pumps out.

Review:  I have been wanting to try out this foundation for quite sometime but decided to wait due to wanting to wait for a few more bottle of foundation to expire before trying out a new one.  This brand was actually one of the brands I wanted to try in 2019 but with a wedding waiting to happen in the spring, I decided not to try out way too many products last year.  I purchased this foundation from Sephora when it went on sale for 50% off a month ago (while Lawless Beauty is still available at Sephora, currently the foundation is no longer available) which was perfect.  I love a good sale when trying out a new product.  

The packaging of this foundation is very luxurious.  It almost seems like it is a perfume box.  It comes in a black box with white typography and the shade of the foundation and its name on top of the box.  The foundation is housed in a frosted glass bottle that comes with a pump and a black top cover with the brand's name on it.  I was torn between the shade Warmth (Tan with Warm Yellow Undertones) and the shade Sunset (Medium Deep with Olive Undertones) since I am a lot darker during the summertime; however, the Warmth shade worked just fine especially after bronzer application.  

This product has a serum-like feel which is beautiful on the skin.  However, make sure you shake well prior to using (per the instructions) otherwise, it will pump out an oil-like consistency and you will not like it.  Once you follow the shake well instructions, this foundation deserves all the hype it's been given to.  It is easy to apply and blends well.  I used a sponge to apply this product and it gave me a natural but flawless finish.  The foundation has a lot of pigment and it is long-wearing.  While it has a serum-like consistency, the foundation stayed in place and did not move or separate throughout the day.  It also did not make my skin look oily.  It is very lightweight and doe not look cakey on the skin.  I was also happy that it did not break me out.  Keep in mind that I did not try to build this up to a medium to full coverage so I cannot attest to how the product builds up.

I was surprised how this product performed and how I have enjoyed it after each use.  If you like a weightless foundation with light coverage but is still long-wearing, this might be a good one for you especially for every day wear.  While $46 is on the higher price tag, the high performance formula with high quality packaging is worth it.