Product Review | Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

Product Review | Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation Shade 50 ($60, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy's)

Product Details (from Nordstrom's website):   A glide-on fluid foundation that creates a natural-looking glow on your skin while protecting it from harsh environmental aggressors.  This medium-coverage formula contains kalanchoe extract and UV filters, which provide added skin protection. Mineral pigments deliver a luminous, healthy glow and soft-focus powders even out and enhance the complexion.  Hyaluronic acid provides an instant sensation of hydration and comfort.

Review:  I haven't had much luck with Chanel foundations; mostly due to the lack of shade range variety.  That was my experience with the Vitalumiere foundation.  When I saw the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation on Nordstrom's website, I was intrigued.  Mostly due to the "healthy glow" factor but also it seemed like they had more shade variety this time.  

The foundation comes in a white box with black typography.  The bottle is made out of glass and it comes with a pump to dispense the product.  The first thing I noticed is the undertone of the foundation.  It is warm but it leans more to a peach undertone.  Luckily, I am darker during the summer months so the undertone works well for me; although I am not sure how this will work once I'm back to my normal medium tan skin tone.  As far as the consistency of the foundation, it is a smooth consistency that is not too thick but also not too thin.  It applies beautifully on the skin.  I like that it is lightweight and that it provides a light coverage; but not too light.  Just perfect for every day wear.  It does give the skin a healthy glow; however, this foundation oxidizes - not too bad.  But, due to the peachy undertone, it does make the skin a lot darker, not in an orange kind of way, it is just a little too warm for that I am used to.  I typically use foundations with either a warm yellow, golden or olive undertone.   Every now and then a neutral undertone will work.  Also, this foundation has an SPF which is a good thing.  I use a mineral sunscreen during the summer and I believe the SPF in the foundation reacted with the mineral sunscreen which caused minor break out on my forehead and a couple on the cheeks.  I am not prone to breakouts, luckily.  So when a foundation or an ingredient breaks me out, it usually isn't a good sign.  I am going to continue using the foundation without using my mineral sunscreen; hopefully, it won't keep causing the minor breakout.

The foundation itself is great - the way it looks on the skin, the healthy glow it provides along with the skincare properties such as Hyularonic acid.  So far all of those - I'd recommend it.  Now, when it comes to the undertone and price, I would give it a below average.  Also, the fact that the ingredients of this foundation clashed with my sunscreen (my other foundations do not react to my mineral sunscreen), that is a deal breaker - meaning after I finish using the bottle, I will not be re-purchasing this product.  I have really sensitive skin; so if you are anything like me, this might not be the product for you.  If your skin is not sensitive and you like this type of foundation (and you don't mind paying the $60 price tag), then this foundation is for you.