Product Review | Pureology X Sephora Texture Finishing Spray

Product Review | Pureology X Sephora Texture Finishing Spray ($28, Sephora) - This product was sent by Influenster for reviewing purposes only.  No monetary compensation was involved.

Product Details (from Sephora's website):  A lightweight texture spray that adds body and shine without crunch or buildup.   This spray includes a signature aromatherapy blend of tuberose, almond milk, and cedarwood and a patented Antifade Complex® to protect color vibrancy and ensure lasting color payoff. It also includes sunflower seed, a UV filter, and vitamin E to fight color-depleting environmental effects while ensuring lasting shine.

Review:  To be honest, I cannot remember when I last used a texturizing product.  I feel that when my hair is shorter, I tend to use more of it, but I have not done so in years.  This item is priced at $28 and it contains 5oz of product.  I think that is a little too steep, but that's just me.  

The claims of this product are all true.  I am impressed on how lightweight (almost like a dry spray, if that makes sense) this product is.  It does not make my hair crunchy.  I can easily run my fingers through my hair after using it.  I like using this as it give my fine straight hair some body, not too much, but at least my hair does not look flat.  My hair is color-treated so this also keeps the color from fading too fast.  I do not quite smell the almond milk in this product; probably more of the Cedarwood but the scent dissipates pretty fast so it is not bothersome at all.  I am actually obsessed with this product.  However, for $28 and its 5oz size, it is not something I want to invest on quite often; especially this is something that I use daily.  As mentioned on a previous review, Sephora Collection came out with a bunch of hair care products and their Texturizing Spray is 4.5oz for $14.  I am going to try that once I finish out this bottle and compare.  After reading its claims on the Sephora website, it seems to be very similar to this Pureology Texturizing Spray and half the price.  I do recommend this product because it is great; however, you have to swallow its $28 price tag and the fact that this is something you will have to replace every month or depending on your hair length and how much product you use.