Product Review | Beauty Bakerie Instabake Aqua Glass Foundation

Product Review | Beauty Bakerie Instabake Aqua Glass Foundation in the shade 333N ($34, and Beauty Bakerie website)

Product Details (from Beauty Bakerie's website):  Inspired by the elegance and minimalistic approach to beauty that Japan is known for, InstaBake Aqua Glass Foundation delivers extraordinary performance and applies like frosting. Rightfully named “InstaBake”, this full-coverage, poreless, vegan formula covers anything left in its wake from uneven tone to scars and blemishes.

InstaBake Aqua Glass Foundation serves a comfortable wear and is best applied with a damp blending egg sponge or your favorite foundation brush. It is best paired with InstaBake 3-in-1 Hydrating Concealer for an overall Insta-worthy finish – you certainly won’t need a filter.

Review:  Summer and Fall are usually my big foundation declutter seasons mainly because somehow a lot of my foundations expire around this time.  This is why I prefer products with a 24 month expiration date; but most of the ones I own have 12 - 18 months of expiration dates.  My good friend on Instagram, Erika (@missglamerika) and a friend of hers, Sophia (@thepippilife) started a #FrontPageFriday event which basically allows all those who participate to feature at least one BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) brand.  So as I was decluttering my foundations, I decided to pick up one from Beauty Bakerie, which is a BIPOC brand.  I have seen Beauty Bakerie before and have heard good things about their brand, especially their super cute packaging.  A lot of their products also smell liked baked goods.  

This foundation comes in a white box with pink typography.  It is not a typical box like most foundations. It even has a spatula inside the box as a decor, not necessarily to use with the foundation (or at least that what it seemed to me).   The box opens like a door and it has a magnetic closure.  At first, I was confused on how to open it cause it would not open from the top.  The top of the box has the shade color of the foundation.  The bottle is a frosted acrylic plastic with a silver top and bottom.  It has a pump to dispense the product.  Due to COVID19, there are no testers in store so I took the chance ordering online at Ulta when they had it on sale for $23.  Perfect timing.  I ordered the shade 333N.  When I am at a loss for certain shades online, I usually go to The Mexican Beauty (Jessica) or Alexis Jayda's YouTube Chanel since they seem to have the closest foundation shade to me.  Luckily, the shade 333N worked well.

While this is a full coverage foundation, I watched a few reviews prior to purchasing it and saw that it has a thinner consistency than most full coverage foundation.  Many of you know I prefer a light to medium coverage on a regular basis.  I will do a medium coverage when I have events to go to or longer days than usual, otherwise, sheer to light is my daily game plan.  This foundation is easy to blend.  Due to its consistency, it can be made into a light coverage or built up to medium to full as it claims to be.  It applies smoothly and seamlessly on the skin.  It sinks into the skin making your skin look really flawless.  It is long-wearing and did not make my skin look oily.  I have a normal skin type and sometimes when a product says "glass like", it has the tendency to make my skin look oily.   It also did not make my skin breakout, which is always a plus.  There are 30 shades to choose from which could be more, but what I love about the brand is they have the undertones on point.  I find it hard to find shades with some brands due to the wrong undertone.

I definitely recommend this foundation especially if you like a full coverage performance.  Now, for someone like me who prefers a sheer to light coverage girl on the regular, I actually love the fact that this has a thin consistency and that it can be sheered out.  I usually do not buy full coverage foundations but this one is a winner.  Have you tried this product?