Product Review | Beauty Creations Flawless Stay Foundation

Product Review | Beauty Creations Flawless Stay Foundation in the shade FS 7.5 ($12,

Product Details (from Beauty Creations' website):  More like skin, less like makeup. Formulated with soft blurring pigments, creating a comfortable medium to full coverage wear, and natural finish for oily to dry skin in a range of 24 shades. 


Review:  This is not a new release foundation but I remember watching reviews when it first came out and everyone and their mothers were all going bananas for this foundation.  I also watched quite a few reviews but at that time this foundation came out, I still had quite a few foundations that were not expired and I couldn't justify buying a new one to try out.  As I mentioned in my previous review, somehow, most of my foundations expire around summer/fall season so as I declutter, I will most likely repurchase favorites or holy grail products but I will also leave a small window for new products to try.

The entire packaging of this foundation is beautiful, especially for its $12 price point.  We've seen so many high end foundation with its steep price give us plastic bottles without pumps.  The box packaging is light pink with a foiled rose gold trim around and rose gold typography.  The brand is also printed on the front of the box.  The foundation shade can be found on the top opening of the box.  The foundation is housed in a frosted glass bottle with a rose gold cap.  It also has a pump to dispense the product.  The packaging gives me Charlotte Tilbury vibes with their Flawless Foundation.

While this product claims to be medium to full coverage, it also claims to be skin like and less like makeup.  It also claims to have a natural finish and not matte.  I feel like most full coverage foundations I've encounter often have a matte finish.  I picked up the shade FS 7.5.  I could have gone with the 8, but this shade works as well.  The consistency of this foundation is thick and I am not kidding when I say thick.  If you look at the photo of the swatch, you can see the product has not moved and I had my hand in a slanted position.  Most foundations I own would've already dripped down my arm.  However, this foundation has decided to stay put and invested on realty space on my palm.  On the bright side, this foundation feels very silky and smooth.  It is easy to apply and blend depending on what kind of primer you use (I tried it with three different primers).  When it comes to application, it is fine using their Beauty Creations Primer (which was a very thick silicone primer).  However, I felt that because the primer was very thick, it was a little harder to apply my concealer on top of the foundation.  When I used a primer that I normally apply on my skin (Laura Mercier, Tatcha and First Aid Beauty - all hydrating primers), it was flawless and seamless all the way.  

Because the consistency was so thick (see photo below - it did not budge on my index finger), I made sure to go for a lighter coverage.  That being said, the claims of being skin like is true.  Now, I do not do full coverage applications so I wonder how its thick consistency can produce a skin like finish.  The foundation does have a natural finish and it is long-wearing.  If you are looking for a medium to full coverage foundation without breaking the bank, this is a good alternative to many higher end foundations out in the market.  However, keep in mind that in my experience, the application was flawless when I used hydrating primers with thinner consistency.  The product is really nice although I am not sure if would repurchase it again due to its thick consistency.  Now, if they made a dewy finish that has thinner consistency, you already know that I will be all about it.