Product Review | Beauty Creations Flawless Stay Powerless Primer

Product Review | Beauty Creations Flawless Stay Powerless Primer ($7.99, website)

Product Details (from Beauty Creations website):  It's as easy as Prep & Set with our newest face products. Create the perfect canvas for a seamless application while giving the skin a luminous effect or shine-free matte finish.

- Smoothens & Refines
- Semi-Matte
- Minimizes Pores
- Oil Control

Review:  The packaging of the item reminds me of Too Faced for some reason.  I have been impressed by how Beauty Creations Cosmetics packaged their Flawless Stay line.  The nude pink and rose gold trim on their boxes is simple but also very eye-catching.  It gives a softness that make me feel some type of way.  Also, for the price point, they have set a high bar for their packaging.  The primer comes in a nude pink tube and is dispensed with a pump.  

The consistency of this primer is very thick (see photo below - it did not budge or drip at all and my palm was in an angle not flat).  If you have read my primer reviews before,  I mostly use them to extend the wear of my makeup and for an extra layer of skincare (especially if they have hyaluronic acid and can also be used as a moisturizer).  I do not usually use poreless primers as I tend to lean towards hydrating primers but since the SPF on the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation has been breaking me out, I decided to pick this up.  Even though the primer has thick consistency, it is really easy to apply and blend. My experience with this primer combined with the Beauty Creations Flawless Stay Foundation was not pleasant.  The primer was so thick and so was the foundation that I had a hard time blending another liquid product on top of it, in this case my concealer.   I used this primer with a thinner more hydrating foundation such as the Tom Ford Soleil Glow Foundation and it worked just fine.  Maybe there is a way to apply this primer on various areas of the face to avoid dryness; but poreless primers are not my cup of tea since I do not use them often.  In my experience, this primer works well with foundations with a hydrating formula since it has a semi-matte finish.  It definitely extended the wear of my makeup and it did not make my skin look or feel oily (I have a normal skin type).  If you love a matte finish, you will love this primer. I love using it in combination with hydrating foundations.  I highly recommend it plus the price point is amazing.