Product Review | Revolution Pro Blush & Lift Liquid Blush

Product Review |  Revolution Pro Blush & Lift Liquid Blush in shades Peaches and Harmony ($10, - Gifted)

Product Details (from Revolution Beauty's website):  Make Up That Does More.  Infused with iced wine extract, this unique liquid blush gives the cheeks a gorgeous soft wash of colour whilst giving an instant lifting effect to the cheeks.  Perfect for on-the-go application with it's easy-to-use wand applicator, this highly pigmented, buildable liquid blush​ is available in 3 shades: Peaches, Bliss and Harmony

Review:  Let me start by saying this product (along with other Revolution Pro items I will be reviewing in the next few days) was gifted to me by a friend of mine.   I am really amazed by the Revolution Pro line from Makeup Revolution.  Not only are their packaging similar to higher end products, the quality is also like a high end product without the steep price tag.   

These came in a reflective gold boxes with black typography.   The shade of the blush is shown on top of the box and on the front.  The container is similar to a lip gloss with gold cap.  It also comes with a doe foot applicator which gave me Rare Beauty Liquid Blush vibes.  I do not own any of the Rare Beauty Liquid Blushes, but I have seen photos and reviews.  As mentioned, these items were gifted to me so I did not get to choose the shades.  The shade Peaches is exactly what it is, a nice peach/coral shade.  The shade Harmony is supposed to be a muted Mauve shade although on the swatch it appears to be lighter.  However, when applied on the cheeks, it actually shows up as a muted Mauve shade and it there is pigment to it.

These blushes are so creamy and are easy to blend on the back of the hand (I prefer to blend them on the back of my hand then use a brush to apply on my cheeks versus directly applying them on the cheek using the doe foot applicator).  It has a mousse like texture, very airy, although it is a liquid product.  I have other liquid blushes that I love such as Nars and Flower Beauty and the consistency are very different.  Nars is pure liquid.  Flower Beauty has a thicker cream consistency.  However, all are very beautiful and pigmented.  This blush is very pretty on the skin.  It sinks in beautifully instead of sitting on top of the skin.  It is also long-wearing and very pigmented.  I was slightly worried about the shade Harmony (muted Mauve swatch) not showing up on my skin tone (I'm darker right now - post summer toasted brown biscuit), but it still did.  It actually looked like a nice flush.  It is not sticky or did not make my skin look oily.  I definitely recommend this product especially if you want something that looks but also performs like a high end brand.  I believe you can also get this from Ulta's website and of course from Revolution Beauty's website.