Product Review | Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter

Product Review | Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter in the shade Golden Rose ($15, - Gifted)

Product Details (from Revolution Beauty's website):  Make up that does more.  These glowing highlighters are encased in a stunning gold glittery mirror compact, which has been sealed to ensure no snagging or damage. Open the case to uncover the stunning highlighter, set in a luxury flower/ rose design.

To use: simply sweep over the high points of the face using a brush, or simply tap on with your ring finger.

Available in four shades:

Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter Rose Gold
Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter White Rose
Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter Golden Rose
Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter Pink Rose

Review:  Let me start by saying this product (along with other Revolution Pro items I will be reviewing in the next few days) was gifted to me by a friend of mine.  I used to have an entire drawer dedicated towards highlighters before I decluttered most of them in 2017.  I love highlighters although I no longer purchase them anymore (unless they are included in a face/cheek palette that are multi-use) because to be honest, the shade range I own are very similar.  I tend to lean more on the golden or more champagne highlights.

I feel like I've raved so much about the packaging of Revolution Pro, but how can I not?!  This item comes in a reflective gold box with a clear with and black typography.  The compact is made of a high shine gold sturdy material and a soft touch glittery cover.  The intricate flower design is amazing.  It's so beautiful it makes me not want to use it, but of course, I will.  The powder is softly packed, meaning there is some powder kick up.  As always, I recommend a lighter hand and tapping the excess to reduce having a cakey appearance on the skin.  When applied with a thin layer on the skin, it is beautiful.  It melts and sinks in wonderfully.  It also provides an intense glow, even at its lightest.  The design reminds me of a highlighter Smashbox released a few years ago.  Some brands really surprise me - some can create beautiful and high quality products for such a lower price such as this one and others cost an arm and a leg and may not be as good.

If you are looking for an affordable high shine highlighter with an amazing packaging, I would definitely recommend this product.  Below is a swatch of this Revolution Pro Lustre Highlighter in Golden Rose in comparison to other golden tone highlighters I own.