Product Review | Flower Beauty Get Real Serum Foundation

Product Review | Flower Beauty Get Real Serum Foundation in the shade Tawny M4 ($15,

Product Details (from Flower Beauty's website):  A hydrating and weightless buildable foundation that conceals and smooths skin leaving you with a natural-looking and radiant finish.

Our Get Real Serum Foundation conceals and smooths skin leaving you with a natural-looking, radiant finish. The light to medium buildable coverage is an adaptable formula that is suited to match a wide range of skin tones. Infused with a hydrating weightless antioxidant serum blend to help nourish and care for skin as you wear it, our formula doesn't settle into lines and skin appears youthful and healthy.

It features lavender flower water that brightens and refreshes the skin while olive oil, a natural anti-inflammatory, provides antioxidants and ultimate glowing hydration.

Review:  I really liked the Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation that came out a couple of years ago so when I saw this on the Flower Beauty website, I decided to give it a whirl.  One thing I noticed is that the price point of this foundation is a little too high for a drugstore brand.  I believe the previous foundation was around $13.99.  This foundation did not come with a box.  It is contained in a nice frosted glass bottle with white typography.  The has a gold trim around the pump and a clear plastic cover.  That's about it for packaging, no bells and whistles there, but the glass bottle was enough.      

This is a serum foundation so the consistency is very thin.  It feels very nice and smooth upon touch.  It applies evenly on the skin.  It is definitely weightless, radiant and hydrating.  I'm not sure about the buildable claims because I don't typically use more than one or two pumps when using a foundation but I used more than two pumps and it still only gave me a light coverage.  While I prefer a lighter coverage, this foundation has a small surface area when it comes to pigment.  It is natural looking and it is perfect for the "no makeup" days, but it is not long-wearing.  I've worn this foundation more than three times and every time I have woken up from my nap, some areas are fading.  I have also paired this foundation with a tried and true primer and I still get the same results (i.e. fading in some areas).  The Morphe Hint Hint Skin Tint has better coverage and longevity than this foundation.  I thought in the beginning it would be similar to the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation because they both feel silky; but the comparison ends right there.  

This foundation is great for running errands or if you're going somewhere quick; but definitely not an all-day wear, at least that's how my experience was with this foundation.  Like I said, I have skin tints and other lighter coverage foundations and never experienced any fading when waking up from a nap or just after a long day.  I even used a brush (which I almost never do for the past few years) to apply this foundation because I really wanted to give it a shot but I still got the same results.  This foundation is okay, it is not something I will recommend even if you like a lighter coverage because it keeps fading on me.  It also requires a lot of product even for a lighter coverage.  For $15, you can buy other lighter coverage foundation for almost the same price.  I definitely recommend the Morphe Hint Hint Skin Tint ($17) better than this foundation.  The Cover Girl Clean Fresh Milk Foundation is another one that I would recommend if you love lightweight and dewy finish ($11.99 at Ulta, but I'm sure you can get it cheaper at Target).