Product Review | Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation

Product Review | Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation in the shade number 17 ($68, and

Product Details (from PatMcGrath's website):  Mother’s instantly iconic foundation builds weightlessly from a sheer veil to flawless medium coverage in 36 universal colour choices and five shade levels custom-curated for all skin types, tones and undertones. The second step in Mother’s SUBLIME PERFECTION SYSTEM delivers a customisable couture finish that brings the runway to real life in a few powerful drops. Silky and luxurious, it feels creamy to the touch and delivers controlled, easily buildable coverage. Self-setting, post-perfecting and longwearing, its sublime satin finish lasts all day.


This nourishing formulation is crafted with a Vita-Serum Complex designed to help fight the formation of wrinkles by preserving the hydrolipidic film barrier of the skin. This complex boosts hydration by activating the natural production of hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Diamond Core Powder Technology improves skin texture by optically smoothing and blurring the appearance of fine lines and imperfections. An illuminating soft-focus pigment blended into the formula converts and scatters light, emulating the effect of a healthy, youthful complexion. Formulated without parabens, talc or fragrance. Oil-free.

Review:  As mentioned in my previous Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Primer review, this came out around the spring of 2019, however, I was already testing out a few products for my wedding in May so I opted not to buy new makeup as precaution in case the new products break me out.  I personally did not want any of that on my wedding day.  This is a new item to me but to some of you, this is 100 years old.  I ordered this from Sephora's recent Fall 2020 VIB Sale (sale starts on October 30th and ends on November 9th) because this foundation is expensive and a 20% discount is better than nothing.

With COVID19, it is a little challenging to find the right shade even in store.  I usually watch The Mexican Beauty, Alexis Jayda and Kinky Sweat on YouTube when I am having trouble finding my foundation shade.  I am usually either the exact shade they are using or maybe a shade lighter or darker, depending on how dark or medium skin I am on different parts of the year.  I ended up picking Shade #17 (Medium with Neutral Yellow Undertones) which was Kinky Sweat's choice.  I originally thought I was the shade #18 (Medium with Neutral/Olive Undertones) but after looking at reviews, it seemed a tad bit too dark even though most of my foundations have olive undertones.  There are 36 shades in this line, not bad but given that other brands have more than 40 shades, it could be better.

The packaging is similar to the primer (see previous review) which is a black matte box with gold touches and typography.  The foundation is housed in a frosted glass bottle with a pump.  The black cap has a nice corrugated detail with a gold trim.  For its retail price of $68, this is the kind packaging I expected, especially from Pat McGrath.  It feels very luxurious just like her eyeshadow palettes.  With the 20% discount from Sephora, I ended up paying $54.40 for this foundation.  

I had the feeling this foundation would be good but I did not expect it to be phenomenal.  It has a very watery (i.e. thin or runny) consistency with a serum-like feel.  It is so silky on the skin.  It is easy to blend and it feels very lightweight.  Even though it is lightweight and provides a very skin-like finish, this foundation is pigmented.  I cannot even begin to tell you how this makes my skin look so smooth as if it has a soft focus veil on it.  It kept my skin hydrated throughout the day.  It is also long-wearing.  I used this foundation with the primer and powder and they all worked magically together.  Keep in mind, this foundation has a skin-like finish.  If you are into full coverage foundation, you will not like this product especially for its $68 price point.  If you love natural looking makeup with a healthy glow, you will love this foundation.  Me personally, I would repurchase this foundation because I will get a lot of use out of it and it won't go to waste.  But that's just me.  Like I said, if you want to try this foundation or even if you are repurchasing, always try to get on sale so you can save a few bucks.  This is the Mother of all foundations.  Hands down.  I have a few holy grails that I've been using for years and this just made it to the elite squad.