Product Review | XX Revolution XXcess Blush Powder

Product Review | XX Revolution XXcess Blush Powder in the shade Retro ($10, - Gifted)

Product Details (from Revolution Beauty's website):  XX Revolution XXcess Blush 16 shades (yup really) of super pigmented, easily blendable blushers.

Who said blush was boring? Not us. Formulated for all skin tones, this diverse range of blush shades has something for everyone. We know not everyone likes the same finish too, so we’ve included both mattes and shimmers so you can blush your way.

XXcess Powder Blusher Abundance - Shimmer: warm beige
XXcess Powder Blusher Cliché - Matte: terracotta
XXcess Powder Blusher Crank - Matte: dark berry
XXcess Powder Blusher Cynic - Matte: bright coral
XXcess Powder Blusher Entice - Matte: peach
XXcess Powder Blusher Fickle - Shimmering: amber
XXcess Powder Blusher Irony - Matte: deep coral
XXcess Powder Blusher Jaded - Matte: deep orange
XXcess Powder Blusher Jitter - Matte: bright peach
XXcess Powder Blusher Nerve - Matte: warm cocoa
XXcess Powder Blusher Obscure - Matte: dusty peach
XXcess Powder Blusher Quirk - Shimmer: dusty rose
XXcess Powder Blusher Rebel - Matte: dark fuchsia
XXcess Powder Blusher Retro - Matte: warm orange
XXcess Powder Blusher Risque - Shimmer: blush with gold shimmer
XXcess Powder Blusher Vision - Shimmer: rosy beige

Cruelty Free & Vegan

Review:  If you have read any of my Revolution Pro or Makeup Revolution reviews lately, you will notice that I have been impressed with their packaging.  Their sister brand, XX Revolution, has created 16 powder blushes that comes with a very high-end looking light pink packaging.  The compact is made out of pink plastic with a mirror.  The outer packaging is a textured straight lines that goes vertically.  The box is reflective pink with black typography and the blush shade is on the opening tab printed on a sticker.  At its $10 price point, the packaging is already worth it.  It is a warm orange matte blush; however, it does not feel very drying on the skin like many matte powders or blushes.  This blush is very pigmented, but you can also decrease its intensity by using a light hand.  It is easy to apply and blends nicely on top of other liquid or powder products.  It is also long-wearing.  I love that it comes in 16 shades with a variety of intensity in terms of skin tone range.  It feels like there is a shade for every one.  I definitely recommend this blush.  It is really beautiful on the skin.  I may have to pick up a few more shades.

**This item was sent as a gift.