Product Review | Fourth Ray Beauty Lip Lip Hooray! Lip Mask Kit

Product Review |  Fourth Ray Beauty Lip Lip Hooray! Lip Mask Kit ($24, - GIFTED

Product Details (from Colourpop's website):  Lock-in ultra-moisture overnight for an extra soft, kissable pout in the morning. This hydrating lip mask trio melts into lips to nourish and replenish with richly moisturizing Coconut Oil, Rose Hip Oil, and Strawberry Seed Oil. Leaves lips super soft and supple.

Review:  I have been an avid Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask user since 2017 before it was available at Sephora and Amazon carried the brand at that time.  No lip mask has ever come close to it so when Fourth Ray Beauty (Colourpop's sister company) launched their lip masks I was inclined to try it and luckily, I was gifted this set and didn’t have to pay its retail price of $24.  

The packaging is a clear plastic box with gold typography.  It also has some gold and silver star flecks which actually makes it pretty.  The three lip masks (Coconut, Rose and Strawberry) are all stacked together in another clear plastic packaging.  All the tubs/jars are clear and you can see the color of each lip mask.  It comes with a screw cap that matches the product color.  The consistency is a lot more fluid and thick; more "goopy" than the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.  It does make my lips smooth but somehow I prefer the "packed" but spreadable consistency of Laneige than this.  It's not a bad product, I just feel that Laneige does a better job on masking my lips overnight.  I use the Laneige at night and I use this in the morning to moisturize my lips while I apply makeup or skincare.  Because of it's thicker and goopy consistency, I feel like I have so much excess product on my lips.  With Laneige, you can spread the product on your lips and it will coat its entire surface area without feeling too goopy.