Product Review | Hourglass Cosmetics Sheer Illume Trio Color

Product Review | Hourglass Cosmetics Sheer Illume Trio Color in Sunset ($62,

Product Details (from Hourglass' website):  The award-winning Illume Sheer Color Trio returns. The cult favorite features everything needed for subtle definition and a wash of color: bronzer, blush and highlighter, with a luxe cream-to-satin finish. Formulated to melt into the skin, the versatile trio gives natural radiance in a sleek, travel-ready palette.  Winner of The Knot "Best Palette" award 2016.

•Sheer, buildable formulas impart natural color
•Mistake-proof formulas can be blended for custom shades
•Multitasking palette is ideal for travel and easy touchups
•Vegan and cruelty free

Review:  This product was reproduced by Hourglass in November 2020.  It was originally released in 2016; which I think was a Limited Edition item.  I did own this item back in 2016 but my abilities in using cream products were sub par and did not really enjoy or should I say use this item as I should have.  Long story short, I passed it on shortly after acquiring it.  

The packaging is in its classic brown reflective box with gold typography.  The palette is similar to their Ambient Powders which is a brown reflective (finger print magnet) compact.  The palette is an all-cream product which contains a bronzer, a blush and a highlighter.  The compact looks larger due to the pans being laid out vertically but this is a smaller palette than their holiday releases and it is priced at $62.  I think it was $58 in 2016 (if my memory serves me right).  

Since I owned this item in 2016, I wasn't too concerned if it would match my skin tone (it did then and it does now); but I was slightly alarmed that there's only one shade and not enough range for those with deeper skin tones.  While this palette is called the Sheer Illume Trio Color, it is every thing but sheer.  The bronzer and blush are very pigmented; but can be sheered out to your desired pigment.  The highlighter is probably the only one that I would consider "sheer"; but I also believe that was the "look" they were going for.  I don't think Hourglass intended the highlighter to be "blinged" out.

The bronzer should not be under estimated as I still have a toasted brown biscuit tan from the summertime and it still shows up.  The blush is also very pigmented and both bronzer and blush can be intensified or sheered out without making it looking cakey or washed out.  If you want more pigment that it provides, I suggest to set it with your bronzer or blush and call it a day.   Since this product is easy to blend; it is really a mistake-proof formula which Hourglass claims and I definitely agree with that.  I do not set my cream products with a powder bronzer or blush over them; but I will use the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder to lightly dust all over the face to set it.  These cream products are long-wearing.  I have napped with them on my face and I wake up with very little fading.  The highlighter on this palette is the only one that I do set with the Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder (which is also a subtle highlighter). I  bought this palette not necessarily for the highlighter but for the blush and bronzer so I'm indifferent about the highlighter.  If you are hoping for an intense highlight and that is what you want this palette for, don't get it.  It will be a waste of money.  I would only recommend this palette if you are well-versed with cream products and plan to use it regularly; otherwise it will be a waste (I'm speaking from previous experience with the same palette).  Do I love this palette? Yes, I do.  Do I think it's worth the $62 price point? For Hourglass, yes it is.  Is it a must have?  Only if you love cream products and use it often.