Product Review | The Juno & Co Facecalm CBD Soothing Mask

Product Review | The Juno & Co Facecalm CBD Soothing Mask ($16.50, JunoCo.Com)

Product Details (from The Juno & Co website):  This soothing mask is formulated with cannabis aativa leaf extract and 2% Niacinamide to replenish lost moisture, soothe and brighten, reduce redness, and balance the skin. The instant cooling sensation of this mask leaves a revitalizing tingle and dewy hydration.


Creamy texture, easy to apply, with a cooling sensation
Anti-redness complex CBD visibly improves skin’s texture and reduces redness, while niacinamide rescues skin resilience and revitalizes dullness
Licorice root and green tea extract even out the complexion
Repair and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier

CBD: rich in fatty acids helps restore skin from stress and redness.
Niacinamide: the 2% formulation helps balance the complexion, refines the look of pores.
Green Tea Extract: naturally rich in antioxidants that promote the health of collagen and prevent the sign of aging.

Review:  I've been running/jogging almost daily since May and my skin has been exposed (sometimes I feel like it is over exposed) to elements that can be harmful.  Because of that, I've noticed my skin has sometimes gets red in certain areas.  I'm sure the sweat and moisture help with the inflammation of the skin.  I have researched that CBD soothes the skin; especially redness.  I've purchased a few serums containing CBD along with facial sprays so when The Juno & Co launched their JUNO SKIN line with this Facecalm Mask in the line up, I was sold instantly.  I love The Juno & Co Kale No More Pore Deep Cleansing Mask so I was excited about this one.

The box packaging is a avocado green and white box with blue and white typography.  The mask is contained in a heavy acrylic plastic jar; which almost feels like glass.  The glass is a translucent avocado green color and the mask has a very soothing light green color.  The consistency of the mask is very cream and lightweight; but definitely rich enough to do its job in terms of providing hydration while cooling the skin.  It is easy to apply and it feels good on the skin.  After I rinse this mask off, I can see a difference in terms of my skin looking healthier and hydrated.  Along with the other CDD serums I use during the day; they all help prevent or decrease the redness on my skin.  Keep in mind that the redness I am referring to is minor and mostly due to being outside daily.  I am mentioned that because I am not sure this is a "cure" for chronic redness or any type of redness caused by skin irritations or allergies.

I am really impressed with the performance of this product.  For its price point and quality, I highly recommend it.  Have you tried any items from the JUNO SKIN line?