Product Review | Kiss Falscara Remover

Product Review | Kiss Falscara Remover ($6.49,

Product Details (from Kiss' website):  Infused with soothing rosewater, REMOVER provides gentle, easy removal of FALSCARA WISPS and BOND & SEAL while nourishing the eye area.

Review:  The Falscara comes in a clear and white plastic packaging with white and black typography along with the "KISS" brand printed on top.  The product is contained in a clear plastic bottle with a white screw cap.  The liquid is a sheer baby pink color and it has a silky consistency.  For $6.49 (I got mine on sale for $3 and change), it contains 1.69 fl oz of product.  So, those are the basics.

I try to stay away from products that sound like a gimmick any this was one of them.  At least this was my first impression.  When I picked up a bunch of nail kits and some lashes from Kiss a few weeks back, I spotted this.  While I felt it was a gimmick, it was also on sale and it got me free shipping so I added it to my cart.  I have never had any issues taking off my falsies manually (yes I just gently rip them off) and the Sephora Eyelash Glue that I use never leaves any residue upon removal.  All I can say is this product is amazing!  I never knew that there was an extra gently way to take my falsies off.  I LOVE it!  Maybe if you have an oil based makeup remover it would give the same effect; but oil-based product typically breaks me out and this one is oil-free and it works like a charm.  Just put a few drops on a cotton pad and pat it on your eyes in gentle circular motions and the falsies will come off.  My eyes also feels softer and less dry.  I was really surprised by how this worked out.  Lesson learned, never judge a book by its cover.