Product Review | E.L.F. Cosmetics Acne Fighting Foundation

Product Review | E.L.F. Cosmetics Acne Fighting Foundation in the shade Tan ($6,

Product Details (from E.L.F.'s website): Acne Fighting Foundation is full coverage and infused with salicylic acid, witch-hazel, camphor, tea tree, and soothing aloe that help fight blemishes. This lightweight formula provides coverage to help even skin tone and reduces acne redness while working to help clear your skin.

Review:  This is not a new product; in fact this has been out for quite sometimes.  I remember hearing about this from Casey Holmes a few years ago.  I decided to pick it up when the new Camo CC Concealer came out since I had a couple of minor break outs.  This product did not come in a box but in a sealed plastic shrink wrap.  It is in a plastic squeeze tube with a black twist cap.  You can see the shade of the foundation through the plastic tube.  I picked up the shade Tan (previously Sand).  This foundation line has a horrible shade range since there's only five.  Yes, you read that right, FIVE.  I would like E.L.F. to address this shade range issue as they have 40 shades in their Flawless Foundation line and 20 in their Camo CC Cream line.  

The consistency of this foundation is a happy medium, not too thin, not too think.  This foundation is easy to apply and blends nicely on the skin.  It does not sit on top of the skin; but sinks in nicely for that seamless finish.  I prefer a light to medium coverage regardless of whether I have clear skin or a random breakout.  I try to let any breakouts breathe by not packing too much product on top of it.  Just for the review's sake, I tried to build it up to a medium coverage (see photo below).  While it nicely covered the rest of my face, the breakout on the right side of my forehead is still noticeable but I am not mad about it.  I also did a wear test of this foundation and it held up pretty good for 8-8.5 hours and that included nap time, two meals and walking the dog outside for 45 minutes.  The wear test is accessible on my IG Stories Highlights (@thelovelist1) if you are curious to see how it wore on me.  I did use this foundation for 4 straight days; although I cannot fully say if it is the foundation or the other treatments that I used that cleared up the breakout.

Overall, whether you have some breakouts or not, this is a decent foundation with the exception of the poor shade range.  It has a nice satin finish and not too heavy on the skin.  It did not make my skin feel greasy or too drying due to the witch hazel ingredient.  This will be a good foundation to those who have frequent breakouts.  I am hesitant to recommend this product only because it cannot accommodate a lot of skin tones and that is actually sad since E.L.F. is huge on appreciating differences including skin tones.  I say, if you fall within the skin tone range in the shades they have available, this is a good product to try.