Product Review | The Inkey List Multi-Biotic Moisturizer

Product Review | The Inkey List Multi-Biotic Moisturizer ($12.99, and - This was sent to me by The Inkey List as part of a PR package)

Product Details (from the Inkey List website):  Multi-Biotic combines pro-biotic, along with its nutrients (pre) and by-products (post), to help balance and promote healthy skin.

Lightweight and suitable for all skin types, this moisturizer helps to maintain your skin’s PH balance and help protect against pollution. An unbalanced skin PH level can show itself as accelerated signs of ageing, irritation and excessive oiliness. Balancing the bacteria of the skin can be beneficial to breakout-prone skin, as well as dry and sensitive skin. It can also help to brighten and even skin tone.

Review:  The Inkey List quickly became a favorite skincare brand after trying a few of their serums and cleaning balm back in November.  I was ecstatic when they reached out to me for more products to try.  As I have mentioned in previous reviews of this brand, there is something about their black and white box packaging.  Basic but its simplicity catches my eye.  The Multi-Biotic Moisturizer is housed in a white plastic container with a black cap and a pump to dispense the product.  While it claims to best for oily or blemish prone skin, it works for all skin types.  I do not have oily skin not am I prone to breakouts, but I use this when I get the occasional breakouts here and there to help balance my skin.  This is also has ingredients that protects that skin from natural elements which is great for me since I am outdoors almost every day running/jogging and/or walking the dog.   This moisturizer is easy to apply.  While it has a medium consistency, it blends nicely on the skin and it is absorbed quickly.  It is not greasy and/or leaves a thick film on the skin.  This works well alone or under makeup.  The only con I have with this product is it smells like paste upon application although it goes away quickly.  I definitely recommend this product especially if you have oily skin or even if you have a normal skin type like I do.  This is great to mix with sunscreen due to ingredients that fights pollution.  Have you tried this moisturizer?