Product Review | The Juno & Co Blur Makeup Setting Powder

Product Review | The Juno & Co Blur Makeup Setting Powder ($24,

Product Details (from The Juno & Co's website):  A makeup setting powder formulated with finely-milled shine combatting micro-pigments to give any base a light as air, ultra-smooth finish.  Made with avocado oil and Vitamin E, our revolutionary JUNO Blur setting powder hydrates skin with a no caking, airbrush finish.  The first ever setting powder infused with avocado oil that help control your level of dewiness + moisturizes.  Powder formula created with ultra-smooth, shine combatting micro-pigments - maintain a supple and smooth complexion both underneath and on the surface (no cakey lines).  Helps to blur out pores and imperfections leaving a “no-filter-needed” soft-focus finish.


Moisturizes, nourishes, and softens skin
Replenishes dry skin
Shields skin from ultraviolet radiation

Review:  This is one of the few beauty items I purchased towards the end of 2020, December to be exact.  I've had enough time to use it to be able to give a solid opinion; but first, let's get down to the basics.  This came in a light/nude pink box packaging.  The container is made of a clear acrylic plastic with a light rose gold square screw cap.  Instead of a twist cover to prevent the powder from spilling, it has a net over the opening.

The packaging itself is very pleasing to the eyes.  It's soft rose gold tones are very attractive and feminine. The packaging while made of plastic has some weight to it; so it does not feel cheap.  The powder is finely milled so that claim is very true.  It is actually very soft and silky to the touch.  When you rub it with your fingers, it disappears/sinks into the skin nicely.  I have used this powder mostly underneath the eye area.  I typically don't set my under eye area but since I've been using hydrating concealers for the cooler months, I find that there is a slight need to set it.  Plus, with wearing masks, it just extends the wear of my makeup even more.  I love that this has skincare properties such as avocado oil extract and vitamin E. The older I get, the more I prefer beauty products having skincare ingredients versus just focused on performance.  I have been impressed with the Juno Skincare line and I'm surprised that their Setting Powder is just as good.  For $24, this is actually one of the few that's priced rare in the market that actually works or does what it claims to do.  Now, there is only one shade with this powder so if you have really deep skin tones, this will not work for you.  Also, I this has a net over the opening.  It is not my favorite kind of contraption for any loose powder because I have to tap on the net to dispense the product and it can get all over the place.  Take extra precaution when you are wearing something dark like black or navy blue; the powder will definitely visible.  Other than its limited shade range and netting, this is actually a very good loose powder.  It became an instant favorite.  Now I'm noticing that my two favorite powders have net contraptions (Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Powder Perfection has the same net cover).   If you are not a fan of the net contraption and know you cannot get over it, then you should skip this one.  If you are anything like me who can deal with it because the powder works, then I highly recommend this loose setting powder.