Product Review | Sephora Hemp Night Face Serum

Product Review | Sephora Hemp Face Serum ($9,

Product Details (from Sephora's website):  Hemp: Helps restore skin's comfort.  These serums are easy to apply and release their full benefits throughout the day and night. Each super-vegetal ingredient is carefully selected for their content and cosmetic properties. Additionally, 96 percent of the ingredients in each serum is of natural origin.* (*The calculation of percent of ingredients of natural origin includes water).

Review:  As I mentioned on my previous review, I picked this up along with the Lychee Face Serum towards the end of November; possibly early December 2020.  Similar to the Lychee Serum, this product comes as it is.  There are no boxes whatsoever but it did have a shrink wrap.  For its $9 price point, you cannot really expect a ton of bells and whistles with the packaging.  I picked this up specifically to help calm and soothe my skin.  I have been having some minor redness mostly due to areas where I have one or two breakouts.  I use this every night except when I am using my Supreme Even Skin Blue Tansy Face Oil since I am trying not to mix a new skincare item I am trying out with another product.   This serum has been helping my skin restore its balance and reduce and/or eliminate the redness on affected areas.  My skin is calm every morning when I use this serum.  Similar to the Lychee Face Serum, the spray nozzle on this is just as bad.  Sephora needs to fix that issue; otherwise, the serum is phenomenal especially at its price point.