Product Review | Sephora Lychee Face Serum

Product Review | Sephora Lychee Face Serum ($9,

Product Details (from Sephora's website):  Lychee: Contains hydrating properties and supports the skin's radiance.  These serums are easy to apply and release their full benefits throughout the day and night. Each super-vegetal ingredient is carefully selected for their content and cosmetic properties. Additionally, 96 percent of the ingredients in each serum is of natural origin.* (*The calculation of percent of ingredients of natural origin includes water).

Review:  I picked this up late November or maybe early December during the Sephora $25 off of $75 purchase promotion.  This was also recommended by on Instagram.  My skin definitely needs extra hydration during the cooler months so I was excited to try this face serum.  There is an entire line of these serums: Lychee, Hemp, Mushroom and Grapefruit.  Each has a specific targeted benefit.  This serum is lightweight; which I prefer instead of a thick blob like other out in the market.  It is easy to apply and due to its thinner consistency, the spreadability covers a lot of facial surface area.  It feels nice on the skin; not too greasy nor does it make it look greasy after application.  The serum is easily absorbed by the skin.  This also smells amazing though not too strong or "perfume-y".  It has a light Lychee scent; it reminds me of a relaxing day at the spa.  The only thing I strongly dislike about this product is the spray nozzle is horrible.  It does not pump out the product seamlessly, it squirts all over so you have to get your hands really close to it otherwise you will be wasting a lot of product.  If you own the Sephora Collection Vitamin C Serum; you can transfer this serum if you have an empty bottle.  With its $9 price tag, it is not a bad product but if you cannot move past the awful spray nozzle, you will think it is a nightmare.  Overall, I love the product itself.  It gives my skin the hydration it needs without overly moisturizing the skin.  I typically use this in the morning as a part of my skincare prep on its own or before makeup application.