Product Review | Fourth Ray Beauty Thirst Aid Hydrating Priming Moisturizer

Product Review | Fourth Ray Beauty Thirst Aid Hydrating Priming Moisturizer ($14, - Gifted)

Product Details (from Colourpop's website):  Amp up hydration to keep skin bouncy, supple, and prepped for the day. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber Water, and superfruit Lingonberry, this unique priming moisturizer works to lock in moisture and helps to defend skin against harmful blue light rays. Can be applied to prep dry skin before makeup application or can be worn alone for the ultimate hydrated complexion.

Review:  I was excited to receive this as a gift in January.  After reading the ingredients that are in this tube of hydration, it didn't take me a long time to finally slapping some on my face to try.  I love the very soothing look of the packaging.  It comes in a baby blue box with white and light blue typography and water drops design.  The primer is contained in a frosted tube with the same design as the box.  The product can be easily dispensed by the squeeze tube.  

This primer has a very lightweight consistency and it feels very nice on the skin during application.  It also has a light soothing scent which I appreciate; very spa like.  However, this primer made my eyes watery right after applying it.  It was the only new face base I used that time so I didn't really have any other items to point a finger to except for this one.  My eyes stopped feeling watery eventually; probably after 30 minutes.  I also stopped using the primer after this experience (I did resume use after a few days which I will discuss shortly).  Besides the watery eyes, this primer provided an all-day hydration without making my face feel oily or greasy.  I love that it has tons of skincare ingredients and it also extends makeup wear nicely.  

I tried this primer again three days after my first application with no other new products and somehow it worked just fine - no watery eyes.  I am so glad that it no longer gave me watery eyes because I love that this primer can be used alone as a moisturizer.  It contains just a little bit over 1 oz so its $14 dollar price tag is not so bad.  I recommend this primer if you are looking for something to hydrated your skin and also double as a skincare item.  Just be forewarned that it did give me watery eyes during the first time I used it.  I have sensitive skin so if you do, too, you might experience the same thing.

*This product was a third party gift and it is not a PR Gifted item from the company.  All are my honest thoughts and opinions.*