Product Review | Scott Barnes Cosmetics Sculpting and Contour N°1 Palette

Product Review | Scott Barnes Cosmetics Sculpting and Contour N°1 Palette ($58,

Product Details (from Scott Barnes' website): The Scott Barnes Sculpting and Contour Palette is truly a work of art. Inspired by Scott’s fine arts background, Sculpting and Contour is the artists dream. Incredible colors carefully positioned for mixing new combinations gives the user extreme flexibility to shape and feather even the strongest color contours into a seamless silky bliss. Many contour palettes prioritize luma, the brightness or darkness, whereas Scott’s prioritizes the chroma, the color information, the misplaced priority on most contour palettes. With a strong understanding of all skin types and shades, Scott has masterfully crafted a contour palette that is truly a ‘cut’ above. With extremely minimal fallout and kickback on the brush, high color payoff, and being blending friendly, Sculpting and Contour gives contour lovers a surgical tool they didn’t realize they’ve been missing.

Review:  I picked this up at the end of December when Scott Barnes was having 20-30% off sale on their website.  After weeks of sitting in a "new makeup to try" bin, I finally opened this beauty and used it.  Let's start with the basics.  I love Scott Barnes Cosmetics' packaging.  From the envelope that it comes in, the plastic bag that mimics a Ziploc and the palette itself.  I noticed that this is one of the few brands who packs their items carefully in a smart and minimal method.  No oversized boxes for one or two items.  I also love the white zipped plastic with the brand's name in gold.  Simple and to the point.   The palette is housed in sturdy cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure.  It also included a large mirror and eight large pans of sculpting and contour powders.  The front of the packaging is bright white with a bronze gold typography.  Simple but bold at the same time is how I would describe the packaging overall.  

The powders are creamy like butter upon touch and once applied on the skin.  It sits and blends flawlessly on top of liquid and other powders products.  I did a Get Ready With Me (GRWM) on my Instagram stories when I tried this palette for the first time showing how pigmented they are but also how smooth they blend.  I used two of Scott Barnes' brushes to apply these powders (#65 Flawless Face and #66 Powder Sheer).  The #65 is a denser brush which is great for packing the pigment on to the skin.  The #66 brush is awesome for blending and sheering the powders.  You can use a similar brush or honestly, whatever brush you have in your collection since these powders are easy to use.  I love the versatility of this palette especially if you have my skin tone because you can use #Shade and Sliced as blushes.  I love the shade Carve because I did not expect it to show up on my skin tone because it looked too light on the palette but it is the perfect nose contour shade.  Why is that?  It's one of those shades where you can achieve a natural contour without looking to sculpted, if that makes any sense.

The only Contour/Sculpting Palette that I have owned and loved were the Fiona Stiles Contour Trio (I hit pan on that one) and the Dior Contour Palette.  I had the Anastasia Beverly Hills one but I never used it much.  But this palette is definitely a winner.  I am in the process of decluttering many items that I've outgrown in my collection and this might just take the place of my beloved Dior Contour Palette.  Have you tried this palette yet?  If you haven't, I highly recommend it.  I know the $58 price tag is steep but you are getting 8 large pans with tons of versatility.   As always, check the Scott Barnes website or their Instagram as they have various sales throughout the year.