Product Review | Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Styling Wax

Product Review | Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Styling Wax ($23,

Product Details (from Sephora's website):  An easy-to-use styling wax that lifts, tames, and sculpts every hair with extreme hold.  The Brow Freeze Styling Wax sets every brow hair in place without a stiff feel, residue, or flaking for the feathered-looking brow you’ve always wanted. The universal, easy-to-apply formula is mess-free and provides long-lasting, extreme hold, leaving you with full-bodied brows that last all day.

Review:  I've used Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products for years - from the Brow Wiz, Brow Definer, Brow Duo Powder and Clear Brow Gel.  If I'm being honest, I have never used a brow wax before.  My brows are one thing I keep very natural. I don't put a lot of time and effort to it.  I am happy with a pencil, powder or my Wet N Wild Dip Brow version, a brow mascara and I call it a day.  When ABH released their Ice Out Collection, this was the only product I wanted to try.  Okay, maybe for a hot second the Iced Out Highlighter caught my eye but she was not a pretty as the Amrezy one.  Since I'm on a low buy/no buy this year, I waited to get this product but luckily I got it as one of my gifts from Valentine's Day.  

I was sold when my friend Leah (@leahgperez) on Instagram did a live-try on in her stories using this brow freeze.  So let's get to the basics, this came in a black box with gold and white typography, similar to most ABH packaging.  The clear wax is contained in clear tub with a gold screw cap.  This consistency of this was is solid but not too firm where you have to scratch the layer to get some product.  It does have a slight bounce when you touch it but that's about it.  When I first tried out this product (I did a live GRWM in my stories last week), I was not sure how much product to use.  Like I said, I've never used a brow wax before so this is very novel to me.  Upon first application (using too much product), my brows felt and looked very laminated which was not what I was going for.  However, throughout the day when the brow wax dried, it actually looked a lot fluffier than it did upon first application.  The wax also did not have a "crunchy" feeling.  There's still some give to the brows but they are definitely "frozen".  My second time using this product, I was able to get the fluffier brow look since I used a lot less product.  I find this very easy to use (once I learned that less is more) and it lasts for a really long time.  I prefer using my brow pencil or powder first before applying the Brow Freeze; however, I have seen many apply the Brow Freeze first and then adding more product to their brows.  Honestly, I thought this was another one of those gimmick-y releases but it is actually a good product and it works.  Now is the price worth $23?  For me, yes.  Only because I really don't have any other products to compare this to since I haven't used a brow wax since this one came out.  Plus, there is quite a bit of product in the tub/container and in my experience, you do not need a lot to make this hold your brows.  I also did not have any residue on my brows once it dried.