Product Review | Coola X Influenster Refreshing Water Cream Sunscreen

Product Review | Coola X Influenster Refreshing Water Cream Sunscreen ($46, - This product was sent by Influenster for review purposes only.  No monetary compensation was involved.)

Product Details (from Coola's website):  Drench your skin! Infused with hydration-boosting hyaluronic acid and refreshing coconut water, our organic water cream delivers a dewy surge of lightweight moisture and powerful SPF 50 protection. Powered by our plant-derived Full Spectrum 360° Complex, this cutting-edge cream also helps mitigate the effects of High Energy Visible light (including blue light from digital devices), infrared light, and pollution to help guard you from modern day skin stressors. Dive right in!

Review:  This product was a complimentary product sent by Influenster.  I have heard so many good things about the Cooler brand so I was excited to receive this product to use and review.  It comes in a royal blue gradient box packaging with white typography.  The jar is entirely in a royal blue color with white typography and white cap.  To dispense the product, you have to press on the top of the jar and it will come out from a small hole.  This product has a light blue color and it smells so good - so light but so good; like ripe grapes but that could just be me.  

I was running out of my Cerave Hydrating Tinted Sunscreen so when I received this in the mail, I thrilled. This Water Cream Sunscreen is the best I have tried when it comes to texture and lightweight formula.  It is easy to apply, it is not stick or greasy and it definitely hydrates the skin without making you look like an oil slick.  It also has SPF 50; so as a frequent runner/jogger, this was a plus.  It is also so lightweight that it can easily be worn under makeup and products would still blend nicely on top of it due to its lightweight nature.  I also like the fact that it includes ingredients that helps combat pollution including blue light from electronic devices.

The only issue I had with this product but one that is a deal breaker is it broke me out.  On the photo below you can see the area I am pointing too where there are small bumps/rashes.   At first I thought they were acne breakouts but they're not.  While I was doing a review on my Instagram stories, Coola followed up and reached out to me saying that it was not their intent for anyone's skin to be irritated by their products.  I asked if it was a chemical sunscreen and once they confirmed, I knew why I had the breakouts.  My skin does not do well with chemical sunscreen.  I use a mineral sunscreen and it just works better for my skin.  They were kind enough to send me a new mineral sunscreen to try.  

I really wanted to make this sunscreen work because aside from being a chemical sunscreen and breaking me out, every thing in it seems so good.  As far as customer service, I will rate it as excellent as they went above and beyond by sending me a different item.  If you are not sensitive to chemical sunscreen, I think you will love this product.  It really is the perfect hybrid of sunscreen and moisturizer; but unfortunately, it did not work for me.