Product Review | LYS Beauty Triple Fix Serum Foundation

Product Review | LYS Beauty Triple Fix Serum Foundation in TG1 and TG5 ($22, and

Product Details (from LYS Beauty's website):  Satisfy your skincare and foundation fix at the same time with this must-have complexion hero that’s sure to become your skin’s best friend with customizable coverage and skincare benefits that promote visibly healthier-looking skin. Loaded with nourishing ingredients, like Ashwagandha, Hyaluronic Acid, Turmeric and Avocado Oil, this liquid serum foundation leaves behind an undetectable viel that enhances your skin’s natural beauty, making it suitable for everyday use.

Key Benefits:

Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) | Powerful herb to help combat skin-stress and visible signs of aging
Hyaluronic Acid | Infuses the skin with intensive hydration
Turmeric| Provides antioxidant protection
Avocado Oil |Helps to retain the skin’s moisture for the appearance of a revitalized and firmer-looking complexion, while providing antioxidant benefits

Review:  I participate in an event called FrontPageFriday on Instagram hosted by two beautiful women (@missglamerika and @thepippilife).  This event focuses on highlighting and recognizing BIPOC beauty brands no matter how small or big.  With that being said, I am trying to educate myself in various BIPOC beauty brands in the market other than Pat McGrath  and Fenty Beauty (I love them both).  So when I learned that Tisha Thompson launched LYS (Love Your Self) Beauty and being the first Black owned Clean Beauty brand at Sephora, I was all about it.  I ordered one item (foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, lip treatment and primer) from each selection they sold at Sephora, except for the foundation since I had to make sure I had the right shade (we will talk about that later).  

The story behind the brand is pretty impactful and what they stand for.   Their stance on diversifying the clean beauty industry is admirable.  But also, producing high quality products with a price range under $30 makes it an affordable brand with high quality ingredients.  The triangle design - that really got to me.  It is the Delta symbol meaning change.  Something that is very important to the brand.  

"Not only are we shifting the clean beauty conversation, but we want to remind our customers that at any given moment... on any given day.... they can positively change the way they treat, talk to and love themselves."

All of their products are packaged in a white triangular box (except for this foundation) with small triangular cut outs and black typography.  The brand is printed in a nude pink color and half of the box also have the nude pink color in a diagonal design.  There is a sticker on the top of the box that says the shade name along with the color of the foundation.  It is contained in a triangular frosted bottle with a rose gold top and it comes with a pump.  This foundation has a very luxurious packaging.  The bottle is heavy and feels very smooth to the touch.  The product is easy to dispense using the pump.  Keep in mind that this is a serum foundation, so just like any other serum face base, you have to shake it before using.  

The consistency of this foundation is rather watery or runny.  It is not thick at all but the pigment power is all there.  What does that mean?  It means that it covers quite a bit of surface area.  The first time I used it assuming it was a lighter coverage foundation based on its thinner consistency, I used quite a bit of product that resulted in a blending for days moment.  However, the foundation blended nicely on the skin. It is beautiful; it makes the skin look naturally healthy without looking cakey.  I can definitely tell that I have foundation on when I used quite a bit of product; but my face still looked soft; almost like there's a soft veil on it.  

I picked up the shade TG1 Latte (light tan skin with golden undertones) and TG5 Golden Beige (tan/olive skin with golden undertones).  In picking out TG1 I went with the swatches provided on the Sephora website since their shade finder was not working when I purchased these products.  However, when I went to the LYS Beauty website, I was matched with TG5.  Fortunately, the foundation is decently priced that I getting two shades was still cheaper than some of the higher end foundations at Sephora.  The shade TG1 is actually a perfect match for me.  The shade TG5 is a good summer shade for me; however, since this is a serum foundation, this will not work for me during hot summer days in Southern California.  This is why I only use the Fenty Pro Filt'r Foundation (the original one) and the Fenty Pro Filt'r Retouch Primer combined during the summer.  It just works for my skin and all my other favorite foundations take a back seat during this time.  So TG5 is heading its way to a friend of mine.  

Most serum foundations are a hit and miss for me for several reasons.  One, depending on the ingredients they typically break me out.  Two, even with tried and true primers, some of them slip and slide and do not hold nicely at the end of the day. Three, they make my skin look oily after a few hours and I have a normal to dry skin type so oils don't really come through unless it is hot like during the summertime.  However, this one is works well with my tried and true primer.  I even tried it out with the LYS Beauty Secure Skin Serum Gripping Primer and it still beautiful on the skin.  I did a full face of LYS Beauty products on my Instagram (@thelovelist1 - it is under the "highlights") so you can see how it everything worked, including the foundation during live application.  The last photo below is the finished look using LYS Beauty products, including the foundation.

If you have a normal to dry skin type, you might really like this foundation.  I am not sure if you will get the same results if you have an oily skin type.  You might get away with it with a combination skin type using a primer that works well with serum foundation.