Product Review | Milani Cosmetics Blueberry Replenishing Facial Mist

Product Review | Milani Cosmetics Blueberry Replenishing Facial Mist ($9.99, - Gifted)

Product Details (from Milani's website):  It’s Berry refreshing! Blueberry Replenishing Facial Mist helps hydrate, sooth and revive skin. The cooling mist makes it easy to refresh on the go, whether you’re prepping skin before makeup or reaching for a pick-me-up throughout the day.

Review:  I love using facial mists or sprays as a part of my skincare routine not just for makeup application.  I was excited to get this with other Milani goodies from my friend and also thrilled that Milani has released a new skincare line called Skin Fresh.  The Avocado and Blueberry line are my favorite so far.  This did not come with a box packaging but in a shrink wrapping.  This comes in a blue packaging with white and gold typography and a clear blue cap.  The spray nozzle on this bottle is actually a nice one.  A lot of drugstore spray nozzles aren't the best out there but this is decent.  I use this as a skincare item so after I wash my face this goes on next as I use a facial roller to allow the product to sink in while massaging the face.  This makes my skin feel hydrated and/or gives it an extra boost.  I love that I can use this on its own not just when I have to prep my skin for makeup.  The blueberry scent is nice, light and fresh which works for me since I am sensitive to fragrances.  If you need a pick-me up facial spray, I recommend this one.  It is also on the small size so it is perfect to throw in your purse.  Since this is a drugstore brand, it is easily accessible in-store and online.

*This product was a third party gift and it is not a PR Gifted item from the company.  All are my honest thoughts and opinions.*