Product Review | Morphe 2 Hide & Peek Concealer

Product Review | Morphe 2 Hide & Peek Concealer in Peek of Buff and Peek of Fawn ($12,

Product Details (from Morphe's website):  his lightweight, flexible concealer is made to let your skin shine through while providing that easy bit of cover. The 15 shades are formulated with predominantly neutral undertones, so each shade stretches across slightly different skin tones and depths. The entire shade lineup was developed to work with our best-selling, sheer-to-medium Hint Hint Skin Tint shades and provides a full range of shades that equally spans across light, medium, tan, rich, and deep skin tones. Unlike traditional, full-coverage products, each shade of these flexible, lightweight formulas easily adapts to multiple skin tones, allowing them to be worn by babes with different skin depths and undertones.
The natural-looking finish of Hide & Peek Concealer enhances, blends seamlessly, and is ideal for concealing problem spots or brightening dark circles. Enriched with sunflower oil and glycerin, the formula is made to nourish skin, while calming lavender extract soothes. Pair it up with Hint Hint Skin Tint for a totally fresh-faced look.

Buildable, light to medium coverage
Natural-looking finish
Ophthalmologist tested

Just like Hint Hint Skin Tint, Hide & Peek Concealer was carefully developed for all skin tones and depths. The shade lineup has equal distribution with three shades for all five skin tones: light, medium, tan, rich, and deep. The sheer, flexible formula means that each shade can stretch to fit a variety of skin depths and undertones, making it easy to find your perfect match.


Peek of Porcelain / Fair with neutral undertones
Peek of Pearl / Fair with pink undertones
Peek of Vanilla / Light with golden undertones

Peek of Fawn / Light medium with neutral undertones
Peek of Peach / Light medium with peach undertones
Peek of Buff / Medium with golden undertones

Peek of Sand / Medium with olive undertones
Peek of Soft Tan / Medium tan with golden undertones
Peek of Golden / Medium tan with olive undertones

Peek of Tawny / Tan with rich golden undertones
Peek of Sienna / Tan with neutral undertones
Peek of Sepia / Tan with red undertones

Peek of Chestnut / Deep with red undertones
Peek of Coffee / Deep with neutral undertones
Peek of Mahogany / Deepest with red undertones

Review:  Now I am back reviewing the Morphe 2 items I hauled and today it is the Hide & Peek Concealers.  In general, I am impressed with the Morphe 2 brand.  There's only one item I can say that I am not a fan of which I will review later this week; but other than that, every thing has been performing well.  When they announced that they will be releasing a concealer, I was all about it.  

This comes in a similar packaging like most of their products; a white box with black typography and the "2" embossed and the shade or color printed on the top of the box's opening flap.  The concealer is in a frosted plastic tube with white typography.  The doe foot applicator is pretty standard, not too small, not too big either.  I picked up two shades, Peek of Buff (which was described as Medium with golden undertones) and Peek of Fawn (a light medium with neutral undertones).  This concealer has a thin but buildable consistency.  It is very cream and it melts into the skin when blended.  It is safe to say that it blends easily and lays on top of the skin beautifully; at least in my experience.  I do have a slightly dry under eye area so I love that is contains glycerin which helps soften and moisturize the skin.  It does have a natural finish but paired with the Hint Hint Skin Tint as the base, it produces a dewy finish, at least for me that's what happened.  I do have a GRWM try-on using all the Morphe products I reviewed last week and the ones I'm reviewing this week in case you are curious to see how this concealer (and other products) work upon application.  This concealer is long-wearing and held up for over 8 hours without fading.  I did set it using the Tatcha Silk Powder Protective Setting Powder and it paired beautifully with the concealer.  

There are 15 shades in this line although I think they could've released more shades since Morphe's recent foundation release has 40 shades.  This is priced at $12 which I think is a decent price point for the Morphe 2 line.  I love this concealer.  If you are looking for a light to medium coverage, you will love this concealer.  If you are a full coverage kind go gal, this is not for you.  Also this has a natural finish so if you prefer a matte finish, you can pass on this one.  Overall, I really enjoy this concealer and it has become a quick favorite.  I definitely recommend this especially for its $12 price point, it performs well.