Product Review | Morphe 2 Li'l Pick-Me-Up 3-In-1 Face Mist

Product Review | Morphe 2 Li'l Pick-Me-Up 3-In-1 Face Mist ($12, and

Product Details (from Morphe's website):  This refreshing 3-in-1 face mist is the ultimate multitasker. Use it any time of day as a toner, to set makeup, or to freshen up your complexion with a dewy glow. Nourishing niacinamide brightens, while cucumber water and aloe vera calm and cool skin. Soothing orange water flower helps to soften skin. This alcohol-free formula leaves skin feeling hydrated and balanced. Use it whenever you need a li’l boost—anytime, anywhere.


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Net Weight: 100 mL / 3.38 fl. oz.

Review:  I love facial mist as the first step to my skincare and makeup routine.  I spray it on my face and use a facial roller to massage the skin.  This also helps the product sink into the skin better.  I have 3 or 4 facial mists that I use religiously and interchangeably so when I saw Morphe 2 launched a skincare line, I was here for it.  Similar to the simplistic but very soothing packaging of most Morphe 2 products, this comes in a white box with black typography and the "2" embossed.  The word "skincare" is in white typography with a peach background strip.  The facial mist is contained in a clear plastic bottle with a spray nozzle and a clear cap.  The facial spray is a peach colored liquid and it has a very calming but extremely light spa-like scent which I appreciate as I am sensitive to fragrances.

As I mentioned above, I use this as the first step to my morning skincare and/or makeup application routine.  However, this is marketed as a 3-in-1 product where it can also be used as a toner, setting spray and as a pick-me-up complexion spray.   The spray nozzle is decent; it isn't too aggressive but not too fine either.  It is a happy medium which I am okay with.  I love the natural ingredients included in this facial mist such as cucumber and aloe vera.  If you have oily skin, the Niacinamide will help balance the skin and control oil or sebum production.  The floral ingredients help soften the skin which I believe this is true.  My skin feels soft, supple and nourish after I spray this mist.  I love this mist and I highly recommend it.  For the price of $12, it is such a great steal as it performs really well.  Have you tried any Morphe 2 skincare products?