Product Review | Sol De Janeiro Triple Brazilian Butter Hair Repair Treatment

Product Review | Sol De Janeiro Triple Brazilian Butter Hair Repair Treatment ($36, and

Product Details (from Sol De Janeiro's website):  Our mighty hair mask combines a medley of Brazilian butters - Cupuaçu, Murumuru, and Tucumã - for intensive hydration, deep nourishment, and increased resistance to hair breakage.  

This versatile hair mask adds much-needed moisture without added heaviness or product build-up. You’ll have soft, healthy-looking, shiny hair in just 10 minutes.  No appointment necessary. Consider this the ultimate treat(ment) for that transformative in-salon experience, in the comfort of your own home.

SOL Seal Technology™: Proprietary and proven to repair and restore your hair to peak strength in as little as one use. Plant-based keratin micro-capsules restore the damaged hair shaft and ionically bond split ends together.

Review:  I have been a long time user of the Bum Bum Cream from Sol De Janeiro since July 2017.  When they released the Body Scrub I was hooked and this hair repair treatment looked very promising.  I have had my hair color treated on and off since I was 24.  My hair has endured a ton of chemicals and during the pandemic with many salons closed, my hair was a hot mess.  I also started running outdoors which means my hair is exposed to heat and the cold which makes it a little bit more challenging.  I have been using haircare products for Briogeo and Keihls - I love them all but Sol De Janeiro has a special place in my heart.  

Of course I was sold with their claims of 10 minute shiny, soft and healthy hair campaign.  But before we get any further, let me give you the basics.  This did not come in a box which I was surprised; however, it was shrink wrapped.  The packaging has the same colors and aesthetics as the Bum Bum Cream and the Body Scrub, but this has a full container unlike the Body Scrub.  It has the same smooth texture of the Bum Bum Cream only it has a silkier slip having it being a hair mask.  It is easy to apply on wet hair.  My fingers literally ran so smoothly through my hair as I was applying this.  Some masks I have tried can have a very thick consistency that it does not always apply like a dream.  I have long hair so sometimes if the mask is very thick, my hair gets tangled during application.  This mask works instantly; at least that's my experience.  I have chemically treated hair but it is not extremely damaged.  Upon rinsing the mask, you can instantly feel the difference in texture of your hair even when it is wet.  I use this mask once a week. I actually alternate with my Keihls mask and once a month I use my Briogeo Repair Kit.  You do not need the triple threat of products that I use with my hair.  I only do that because it is chemically treated.  This hair mask alone does wonders and I highly recommend it.  You do not need to use a lot as it actually goes a long way.  Have you tried this hair mask?