Product Review | Tatcha Silk Powder Protective Setting Powder

Product Review | Tatcha Silk Powder Protective Setting Powder ($48, and

Product Details (from Sephora's website):  A protective, talc-free setting powder that blurs pores, shields from pollution and blue light, and provides a translucent, soft-radiant finish.  This powder contains silk extracts, fibroin, and sericin, which nourish skin and help hold in essential moisture, minimizing the look of dryness and flaking. It also contains anti-pollution and blue-light ingredients, which help resist the clinging of pollution particles and shield blue-light rays that may cause the look of premature wrinkling and irregular skin pigmentation.

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Silk Extract: Maintains healthy moisture balance for visibly smoother, more radiant skin. 
- Silk Powder: Helps makeup last longer, blurs the look of pores, and reduces the appearance of shine.
- Anti-pollution and Blue-Light Ingredients: Shield skin from stressors that may cause the look of premature wrinkling. 

Review:  I am a fan of the Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer since it came out a few years ago.  When they announced that they will be releasing a loose powder early March, it was a no brainer that I will be purchasing it the day it came out.  This powder comes in a box similar to the Silk Canvas Primer only it is in a different size - a charcoal colored box with gold typography.  The powder is contained in a purple plastic jar with a purple screw cap.  To dispense the powder, there is a stopper in the middler with a small opening on the sides.  When you shake the jar, the powder will come out although do not shake too hard as there will be a powder explosion.  The powder is finely milled and it sinks into the skin nicely as if you never applied it.  It is a translucent powder although it is a very faint yellow or banana color.  I use this under the eye area to set my concealer (and other areas I applied the concealer) and so far it works with all the concealers that I have and use regularly.  My two newest concealers are the MAC Studio Fix 24 Hour Smooth Wear Concealer and the Morphe Hide and Peek Concealer and this powder works well with those brand new items.  That's usually how I know if I am keeping a product - especially when it comes to powder and primers - it has to work with my liquid bases - all of them.  

This is a $48 powder.  I expected the jar not to be plastic.  If you own the Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer, you will know what I'm talking about as that comes in a heavy duty and very luxurious container.  Is this a powder that you should run out and buy; if you are a Tatcha fan like myself, yes, I definitely recommend it.  If you already own the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Loose Setting Powder; I would say no only because they are similar and work beautifully on liquid products plus the PMG one is $12 cheaper.  But you can't go wrong with either powder, if I am being honest.  I love this powder and it is a keeper; even if I own the PMG powder already.