Product Review | Ellis Day Skin Science Hydrating Phage Serum

Product Review | Ellis Day Skin Science Hydrating Phage Serum ($95, - PR GIFTED)

Product Details (from Ellis Day Science's website):  Our new 2-in-1 Hydrating Phage Serum contains the same blend of phages in our original serum, PLUS the skincare superstar hyaluronic acid to prevent moisture loss and keep your skin happy and hydrated. So, you still get the microbiome-balancing benefits of our phages, which eliminate blemish-causing bacteria and reduce both redness and inflammation, plus the hydrating power of hyaluronic acid. Our phages + hyaluronic acid: two power-packed active ingredients that work together to balance your skin at every level, making it healthier and more resilient. 

One of the only hyaluronic acid products that includes two forms of hyaluronic acid: a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin to provide more hydration, and a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid acts as a protective barrier to keep moisture in. Combined with our extremely targeted and clinically proven phages to eradicate problem bacteria and enable good bacteria to flourish, this dual-action serum is a great foundational piece of your optimal skincare regimen. (Good for all skin types).

One bottle lasts 4-8 weeks based on 1-2x/day usage.

1 FL OZ / 30 ML 

Review:  I received this product as a PR Gift from Ellis Day Skin Science.  This product was sent for reviewing purposes only and no monetary compensation was involved.  This item came in a brown box with the Ellis Day Ski Science purple logo inside the flap.  The serum is contained in a blue aluminum type of container with a pump and a blue cap.   The pump is easy to use and it dispenses the product without any difficulty.   It also came with an information card regarding the serum, a mask and a personal hand-written note from the company's CEO, Carol Christopher.  The consistency of this serum is not too thin but it is also not too heavy which I like.  It has a silky feeling that when applied on the skin you can feel how smooth it is.  The serum has a slight tackiness right after the application.  Once it dries, it feels like your skin has a veil or it has been wrapped in silk.  You can feel instantly how different the skin feels; which in my case it was super soft and extra smooth.  

While this is a hydrating serum, which my skin needs during winter and spring, I wanted to test this out to help remove the bumps on my lower right lip caused by a chemical sunscreen (see first photo below).  This claims to have micro-biome benefits that eliminates blemish causing bacteria so I had high hopes that it will reduce the bumps/texture on the specific area mentioned.  After using this overnight, the next morning the bumps have totally disappeared (see second photo below).  My skin is flat and back to normal.  I expected this to help improve my skin condition but I didn't expect it to work that fast.  As far as the hydrating aspect of this serum, this is a great addition to my nighttime skincare.  You can use this alone or with other moisturizers overnight.  I only use this at night and 1 1/2 pumps covers my entire face. By the time this review is up, I have used this product daily for two weeks.  I cannot say enough good things about this hydrating serum but I highly recommend it.  If you were to add a luxury skincare item to your routine, this is the one I'd recommend.  You can use the code FRIENDS20 to get 20% off your purchase.

If you are interested in any information, live try on and results of this serum on my skin, you can check out my Instagram Story Highlights under Ellis Day Skin.  My Instagram handle is @thelovelist1, in case you are new here.