Product Review | Laneige Lip Treatment Balm

Product Review | Laneige Lip Treatment Balm ($25,

Product Details (from Sephora's website):  This pearlescent, piña colada-scented treatment is formulated with coconut oil to deeply moisturize and peptide and adenosine to help visibly smooth and firm lip wrinkles. It quickly delivers a cooling sensation and helps lips look fuller. Plus, the applicator is stored in the lid for cleaner use!

Review:  I am a long time Laneige user including products like their Lip Sleeping Mask, the Water Sleeping Mask and their Lip Glowy Balm which three or four are probably around my house.  When I heard they were launching a lip treatment balm, I immediately added it to my cart without second thoughts.  This product comes in a nude pink box.  The container is the same color and it is made out of plastic with a screw cap.  There is a little spatula inserted on the cap like a screw.  In my opinion, they could have skipped this feature.  You literally have to wipe the wand before inserting it back to prevent product build up along with bacteria growth.  The balm itself feels smooth to the touch and it can be applied easily with the use of a finger.  It does leave the lips with a slight sheen and the Pina Colada scent is lovely; especially it is one of my favorite cocktails!

Now, this is priced at $25, which is up there for a lip treatment balm.  It is a very nice soothing and hydrating lip treatment balm.  However, there are others out in the market that I do find similar to this such as the Milani Avocado Lip Treatment Mask.  In my opinion, the Milani one performs the same as this lip treatment balm without breaking the bank.  I use this Laneige Lip Treatment Balm during the day and the Milani one can be used overnight and during the day, depending on your preference.  If I am being brutally honest, this Laneige balm is nice.  Laneige usually produces great lip and skincare.  All I am saying is you do not need to run out and get this now.  If you really want to, of course, go ahead and enjoy it.  Although if you own the Lip Glowy Balm, I say just stick with that one for now until you run out and want to try a new one.