Product Review | Morphe 2 Classified Lip Oil

Product Review | Morphe 2 Classified Lip Oil in Be Kind ($9, and

Product Details (from Morphe's website):  Get lips ready for their shining moment. This super-moisturizing oil is infused with a trio of nourishing ingredients like moringa, jojoba, and coconut oil to pamper your pout while delivering a sheer wash of color.  Available in six shades.

Extra Glaze / sheer peach
Be Kind / sheer tangerine
Mirror Mirror / sheer soft pink - Charli & Dixie’s Fave!
Flutter / sheer hot pink
Fairytale / sheer lilac
Shiny Dancer / sheer plum

Review:  I love lip oils; especially if they are not sticky and has a high shine that makes the lips look juicy.    Let's get to the basics, like other Morphe 2 products, this also comes in a white packaging with the black typography and the "2" embossed.  The name of the color is printed on the top flap of the box along with the actual color of the lip oil.  The lip oil is contained in a clear squeeze tube where you can see the actual color of the lip oil and a clear cap.  It has black typography with the "2" in white.  I picked up the shade Be Kind which was described as a sheer tangerine.  Now, this lip oil looks like a light peach shade online but this is the actual color in person.  However, it doesn't really matter because the lip oil is sheer so it will have a light orange tint on the lips.  The consistency of this lip oil is thin but it is not too thin where it doesn't hydrate the lips, if that makes sense.  This is one of my favorite lip oils.  It is easy to apply.  It glides smoothly on the lips.  I like the sheer wash of color; you can use it as a topper to any lip product to add shine to the lips.  It keeps the lips moisturized and soft throughout the day.  This is one of my favorite products to use every day.  I'll definitely be picking up a couple of more shades or maybe another one of this exact shade.  I definitely recommend this lip oil.