Product Review | REALHER Make It Happen Eyeshadow Palette II

Product Review | REALHER Make It Happen Eyeshadow Palette II ($28, - PR GIFTED)

Product Details (from REALHER's website):  Our most universal palette is great for the office, perfect for an evening out, or for your go-to day-off look. This collection offers deep burgundies, coppers, and subtle browns, flattering for every woman.

Driven: Soft Matte Vanilla. Perfect shade to create a mute canvas from eyelid to brow bone.
Limitless: Rose gold sheen. A whimsical shade for an everyday look.
Invincible: Matte cinnamon. Ideal transition color to softly blend upwards into the eye crease.
Bodacious: Copper taupe sheen. Lightly dab this soft glam look into the middle of your eyelid.
Dazzling: Shimmering true copper. For those who want to lightly amplify their day-time look.
Indomitable: Matte mahogany. Your go-to shade for a more romantic eye with its soft red to true brown undertones.
Awesome: Medium bronze sheen. Perfect hue to blend an eyelid and dramatic outer V color together.
Terrific: Metallic espresso. When you want the glam and the drama all at once.
Unshakeable: Matte espresso. When Terrific is to glam, and you just want the drama.

Review:  I first encountered RealHer Makeup in 2016 when I purchased a couple of their moisturizing lipsticks.  I was drawn to the empowering names they had on the lipstick shades.  They reached out to me in February sent me a few of their items in March.  I am currently testing out most of the items and I will be reviewing them within the next few days.

Let's start with the Make It Happen II Eyeshadow Palette.  You can say it's another neutral palette and I will agree to that.  However, I can probably buy neutral shadows over and over again and never get tired of it.  Why is that?  Because no matter how many neutrals I have, they will always get used.  This comes in a black box packaging with gold typography.  The palette has a sturdy cardboard packaging with a large mirror and nine pans of shadows (see shades listed above).  There are four creamy and blendable matte shades perfect for highlighting, transition, crease and smokey eye shades.  There's one shimmer shade, a metallic shade and three satin/sheen shades which are perfection for the inner corner, brow bone highlight and center lid shade.  They are easy to apply, blends well and are long-wearing.  All finishes apply well on top of each other.  You can see how they look on the eyes on my IGTV (Oldies But Goodies and Some Newbies).

Whether you are a seasoned makeup lover or a beginner, this is a great palette to have especially if you love neutral tones.  This is perfect for traveling due to its size and variety.  You will definitely get a lot of use out of this palette whether for daytime or nighttime use.  Not only are you getting good quality makeup, you are also including one that truly believes in positive affirmations.  If you are new to REALHER, below is the company's mission which was completely taken from their website.


 High quality. Certified cruelty free. Paraben free. Our mission is to empower individuals, especially women, through makeup. We’re the first brand that uses positive affirmations as shade names on each of our products. Every time you use a REALHER lipstick or product, we want you to be reminded that you are enough. Also, we don’t just talk the talk- we walk the walk through volunteer work, community support, giving back and donations.