Product Review | Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly

Product Review | Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly in Oat ($14, and

Product Details (from Tower 28 Beauty's website):  The alternative milk of lip gloss. It’s everything you love about a juicy gloss with none of the hangups. Made with plant-based ingredients that are actually good for you like apricot oil and raspberry seed oil —the same healthy + nourishing oils used in our original cult-favorite ShineOn Lip Jelly (which comes in 6 juicy shades!). 

Review:  This was a part of my Tower 28 Beauty haul supporting AAPI #StopAsianHate campaign they had on March 19th.  Everyone and their mothers are also raving about these glosses just like they are with the Beach Please Lip + Cheek Balms.  This comes in a white and nude pink box with white typography.  The container is a clear acrylic material similar to their bronzers and blushes. 

I picked up the shade Oat which was described as a semi-sheer milky peach pink.  I should have probably read the description before purchasing it because it is too light for my liking to use on its own; however, it is a perfect lip gloss topper so I am not hating on it.  It's got all the good and juicy ingredients that makes you wanna lather this all over your body but stop - it's for the lips so we will keep it there.  It is a hydrating lip gloss, that is for sure.  It has a medium consistency so it doesn't apply as thin as a lip oil but it isn't sticky on the lips either.  These have a semi-sheer formula so do not expect a bold lip with any of the other shades but these are perfect lip toppers or to use on its own for the natural juicy lip all day long.  I love that these are under $15 and that because they are semi-sheer, it can accommodate a wide variety of skin tones.  I recommend these lip glosses if you prefer a natural looking gloss or a juicy lip topper.  If you want a ton of pigment; this might not be the one for you.

I cannot remember for the life of me who mentioned that the NYX Cosmetics This Is Milky Lip Glosses are comparable to this product.  I also own the NYX This Milky Lip Glosses so I will test it out and see if it is a comparable or maybe a dupe perhaps.  Have you tried this Tower 28 Beauty ShineON Milky Lip Jelly?