Product Review | Tower 28 Beauty SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray

Product Review | Tower 28 Beauty SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray ($12 1oz, $28 4oz,

Product Details (from Tower 28 Beauty's website):  A soothing, purifying, and repairing daily rescue spray for angry, stressed out skin. 100% Natural. Dermatologist Tested. Clinically Proven.

Our skin goes through a lot: blemishes, flaky skin, makeup, sweat - not to mention environmental aggressors like dirt, pollution, UV exposure, and temperature changes. Think of SOS as your happy solution to angry skin. And here's the reason it works: it's inspired by you! The hero ingredient, hypochlorous acid, is naturally found in your white blood cells, which helps to fight and defend your body from harmful bacteria and inflammation. When applied to the skin, hypochlorous acid triggers an immune boost, which then signals your body to repair and heal irritated skin. This unique solution is pH balanced (4.5) and formulated for facial skin, but is safe to use on all ages and anywhere on your skin!

SOS has received the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance™ and is safe for all skin types.

Review:  This is another from product from Tower 28 Beauty that everyone and their Mamas are going crazy about.  Since I'm loving my Clean and Pure Facial Spray from MASKC, I decided to pick up a mini size (1 oz) of this product to try last March during Tower 28's Campaign to Stop AAPI Hate.  This product did not come in a box; just a shrink wrap.  It is contained in a clear plastic bottle with a spray nozzle.

I was hoping to add this to my skincare rotation of facial sprays; but this product and my skin was definitely not love at first use.  My initial experience with this spray was not what I expected.  It made my skin tingle and not the kind like when you're about to see your crush.  It's more like a minor burning way.  I really wanted to like and make this spray work so I gave it another try.  It took four tries until my skin finally adapted to it.  Once that happened, every thing was golden.   This is not the spray I use for me pre-run skincare.  This is my post-run facial mist and it seems to work out well that way.  So far, I am happy that I have added this to my post-work out regimen.  I do cleanse my face prior to spraying this after working out.

Have you tried this product? Do you love it or just meh?  Do you have sensitive skin like I do?  If so, try the 1 oz bottle first to make sure your skin will adapt to the spray before buying the 4 oz bottle.  Otherwise, I really like this SOS (Save Our Skin) Daily Rescue Facial Spray.