Product Review | Bubble Skincare Bounce Back Skin Toner

Product Review | Bubble Skincare Bounce Back Skin Toner ($12, - PR GIFTED)

Product Review (from Bubble's website):  Look your best for whatever's coming next.
Perfect for on-the-go, this toner is an instant skin reset when oil or shine pop up. Spritz it on anytime of day for a quick refresh.


Green Tea Extract is a powerful antioxidant that helps calm and soothe skin, plus protect it from environmental stressors.

Niacinamide.  When Sodium PCA, a natural humectant, is mixed with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), this duo can improve skin texture and reveal a more radiant, even tone.

Willow Bark Extract is full of beneficial components—including salicin, polyphenols, tannins, and flavonoids—which help aid in gentle exfoliation to reveal more radiant skin.

Review:  Look at how cute this capsule looking packaging.  This is probably my favorite packaging from the Hydrating Bundle.  Like most of the Bubble Skincare lin, the packaging is very colorful with a very youthful presentation.  The box is orange-colored with black and white typography.  It also has some splash of teal and orange around it.  The toner is in a plastic orange bottle with a white cap and a spray nozzle.  Now, the sprayer on this bottle is actually good.  It gives a fine mist so you do not get overloaded in one spray.

I typically do not use a spray type of toner; if I'm being honest.  I like the typical liquid that can be applied by a silk pad or cotton pad.  However, this is market as a reset or a refresher toner; hence its name, Bounce Back.  I don't reapply a lot of skincare or makeup items during the day except for lip products or hand creams.  Having said that, I use this not as a refresher toner or a pick-me-up spray but as a facial mist during the morning prior t applying makeup.  It gives an extra hydration to my skin prior to applying moisturizer and hydrating primers.  I like the Green Tea Extract ingredient which is another antioxidant that adds protection to the skin from environmental stressors.  For a pick-me-up toner; this packs a lot of good ingredients for the skin.

I recommend this for a pre-makeup application mist since it is how I use it.  I cannot attest to how it works as a pick-me-up refresher or toner.  If you are looking for a pick-me-up toner, you might actually enjoy this since I love how it works as a regular morning facial mist.   This is the only product in the Hydrating Bundle that I cannot say go out and get it now only because I do not use it for what it is intended to; but that's just me.  I am sure many will love this product especially if you are on the go a lot of time.  Do you like pick-me-up toners or refresher mists?