Product Review | Bubble Skincare Fresh Start Skin Cleanser

Product Review | Bubble Skincare Fresh Start Skin Cleanser ($16, - PR GIFTED)

Product Details (from Bubble's website):  You’re gonna feel so, so clean.
Our everyday cleanser purifies skin without drying it out. This gel-based formula cleanses away pore-clogging impurities while simultaneously soothing skin—and without any harsh ingredients that can strip it of essential moisture. The end result: A complexion that feels fresh, clean, and balanced.


Spearmint Extract is a natural and refreshing plant extract that helps to calm skin.

Red Algae Extract helps reduce oil production. 

Gluconolactone is a powerhouse PHA (polyhydroxy acid) that works to exfoliate the outermost layer of skin, even out tone and texture, and remove excess oil. Because of its gentle nature, it’s also perfect for sensitive skin.

Caffeine is a soothing ingredient that works topically to help reduce redness, calm skin, and reduce puffiness.

Aloe-leaf-juice is known for its soothing and moisturizing benefits, Aloe Leaf Juice is a potent plant that also provides antioxidant protection.

Lavender Flower Water is a floral water with calming and purifying properties that help soothe 

Review:  Cleansers that do not strip the skin's natural moisture are hard to find these days; especially if you have sensitive skin like mine.  This is one of the reasons why I stick to what I use and know it works.  However, I was actually surprised on how this performed on my skin.  I have been using this for a week and a half; same as the rest of the Bubble Skincare items sent to me.  Similar to other Bubble Skincare products, the packaging is very colorful; very youthful presentation.  The box is baby blue colored with black and white typography.  It also has some splash of orange and blue around it.  The cleanser has a plastic baby blue colored container with an orange cap along with a pump to dispense the product. 

This is a clear colored gel; however, it is not too thick.  Its lighter consistency allows for water to easily activate the cleanser and produce a good amount of foam to cleanse the skin.  Whenever I am treating breakouts, I make sure I use a non-stripping cleanser (which all that I own are that way) due to some treatments causing dryness to the skin.  This cleanser takes the dirt off my face easily and gently.  Key word: Gently.  The ingredients in this cleanser are pretty impressive but also all natural which makes it more appealing to me.  While most of them targets soothing the skin; some are help with reducing excess oil, hydrating the skin and providing antioxidant protection.  This is a non-scented cleanser which is one of the things I love about it because I am sensitive to scents.  If you are looking for an affordable cleanser and you have sensitive skin, look no more.  This is a really good alternative to some of the higher end gel cleansers in the market.