Product Review | Sol Body Face and Body Makeup

Product Review | Sol Body Face and Body Makeup in Light 8 and Medium 10 ($16,

Product Details (from Colourpop's website):  Finally, a one & done foundation for both face & body! Creamy and nourishing with light-diffusing powders that deliver uniform coverage and an even, perfected finish that lasts all day.

Gorgeous Natural Finish – Our unique optical blurring formula evens out skin tones in 12 shades that range from the fairest to the deepest, leaving skin with an enhanced natural-looking, soft-matte finish.

Transfer Resistant – Get effortless all-day wear with a medium to buildable, blendable formula that provides transfer-resistant & long-lasting coverage.

Nourishing Formula - Infused with Coconut Water, Papaya Extract, & Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate both face & body, keeping skin fresh all day.

Paraben-free. Phthalate-free. Mineral oil-free.

Review:  Sol Body is one of my favorite sister brands of Colourpop.  I have enjoyed most of their skin and body care releases.  If you have been following me for a while on my Instagram (@thelovelist1), you will know that I am in love with their Bronzing Balms, so when they released a face and body makeup product, I was on it.  The packaging comes in a nude pink beige box with white typogpraphy, typical of most of their products.  It comes in a clear squeeze tube where you can easily see the shade you have and a clear cap.

The consistency is creamy with a slight mousse-like texture.  It blends smoothly on the skin and it does give a beautiful natural finish.  I have worn this using a mask for a few hours and it did transfer a little bit; but that was the only transfer I had during the whole time I wore the mask.  I love that it has skincare ingredients to keep the skin nourished while also providing beautiful coverage.  Due to its hydrating ingredients, even though it claims to have a natural soft-matte it still feels and looks comfortable throughout the day.  I have a Reel on my Instagram showing how these two different shades were swatched on my arm.  It shows how creamy the product is.  Now, I picked up two shades because the swatches shown were on the darker side.  Medium 10 is the first medium shade and it is a summer shade for me.  Light 8 is more like a Medium shade that I can wear throughout the year unless I get darker during the summer.  So, just keep that in mind - try to go a shade or two under what you think you should be in, if that makes sense.  I do not use body makeup, so this review was based on using this product as a foundation or face makeup.  This product has 3 fl oz for $16.  It is a massive size but definitely worth it, in my opinion.  I highly recommend it.

I am going to try this next week to see if it will actually withstand a full work day wearing a mask since it claims to be transfer resistant and that it lasts all day.  I will keep everyone updated on my Instagram stories on whether this passes the all-day mask wearing test.  

Swatch of Light 8

Swatch of Medium 10