Why I No Longer Do YouTube Videos

Every time I post a #TBT screenshot of my old videos on Instagram, I get asked a lot on why I no longer do YouTube videos.

So, here are a few reasons why (and remember that these are my personal reasons, so if you feel otherwise, do not be offended and keep doing what you are doing):

1.  When I first started YouTube, it was just a hobby.  I am not knocking down current YouTubers as I watch a TON of videos and follow a lot of beauty gurus from the OG ones to new comers, however, back in 2011 it was so different.  It was more out of fun, a hobby.  Most of us just uploaded hauls and monthly favorites and that seemed more than enough.

2.  In my opinion, YouTube now has become a big business.  Beauty Bloggers making a career out of it.  There is nothing wrong with that and I support those who do because I probably watch and follow most of those who do it for a full-time source of income, but I personally cannot roll that way.  It is not something I can or want to do full-time.  It also involves a lot of money making sure you are keeping up with every trend in the beauty industry.  No hate in that because that is what its all about.  But I cannot keep up that way.  This is why I enjoy watching videos, just not doing them anymore.

3.  I have a full-time career which is very time consuming.  I am a Director at a private school and I recently decided to get my Director's Certificate/Permit (I already have a B.A. and a Master's, so this is just an additional and personal educational goal) which means time is very scarce.  Many who do YouTube videos know that editing takes time.  I just do not have an extra time to devote to editing and filming.

4.  I like the idea of flexibility and not caring about how many followers I have.  Of course, having followers is a nice thing especially the ability to interact with them, but when life hits, I do not want to stress or worry about having the need to film and edit to make sure viewers and/or subscribers have something to watch weekly.  As those who have been on YouTube at one point or another know how important regular uploads are.  I know it is not a commitment that I can keep so I like to be able jump back into it or out of it as I please.

Maybe one day I'll be back with Monthly Favorites or maybe a few reviews here and there.  I know for sure that before I decide to get back into it, I would need a few equipments that I never had before such as a ring light and soft box lights.  Until that time comes, for now I am going to continue to enjoy sitting on my couch or laying in bed watching my favorite Beauty Gurus.